Official PvP Servers and Thralls

Had a few questions for regarding building damage on PvP servers. For official pvp servers, they seem to all have building damage set to only be possible during 18:00 and 23:00.

  1. This means that even if everyone in the clan is offline, the buildings can be damaged during that time period, correct?
  2. If we are all offline and players break into the base during that time period, my thralls will attack them, correct?
  3. If #2 above is correct, then what happens if the enemy players are still in the base at 23:01? Do the thralls go dormant?

Thanks all!

Not a PvPer, but since nobody else responded yet, I think thralls are always hostile in PvP - only limited to specific times in PvE-C.

Yes, during that time damage to building is always possible.

Technically yes, the Should protect, but AI is buggy at best, and dont count on them.


The only exception is a follower can still be damaged. Meaning if you have a thrall following you they take damage and engage in combat. Otherwise thralls are dormamt during non raid times, even if raid started before the end of the raid window.

Thanks all!

Thralls will be aggressive while guarding during raid hours. Once raid hours end the thralls will stop attacking while guarding.

During non raid hours a thrall will attack another player if the thrall is following you or a clan member.

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