Thralls attacking outside of raid time

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [bug]
Region: [America]

Official PvP server.

Thralls attacking anytime outside of raid time.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Pick a thrall
  2. Find any player of another clan outside of raid time
  3. The thrall will attack at the other player.
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That’s intentional after the newest patch as far as I know

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I’m not seeing that in the patch notes.

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“Fixed an issue where thralls could be commanded to damage other players, but could not be damaged back.”

It is confusing. But i think what they are saying is now thralls will damage at all times on PVP servers, and the bug was that you couldn’t damage them back.

I do not remember if they mentioned the after raid hours thrall damage though in a previous patch. I do know when the game was first released, for a good while (until follower were implemented???) one could damage thralls 24/7 on PVP servers. Do not know if the bug was not being able to damage them all this time, since most liked the change of thralls being turned off during non raid hours.


Hey there,

That is not what the fix or line in the patchnotes says or implies. We fixed an issue where, if server settings allowed for it, a thrall that was commanded to attack another player couldn’t be damaged back.
If on a PVP server, damaging other player or clan’s buildings outside of a raid time wouldn’t be the intended scenario. If that is happening, please let us know.


@Ignasis Idea for the devs if you can pass along. Since thralls attack other players outside of clan. Can we in a future update get a friends or Ally list they ignore? Just a thought.

Im sure this has always been an issue on PvP but on PvEC we are kind to each other… Most times haha

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I was on a pvp server server earlier today out side of pvp just walking along and my follower attacked another players thralls didn’t didn’t seem to do damage but was that supposed to happen

No, that is luckily not happening. What we were talking about is thralls being damaged outside of raidtime which might be intended judging by this

Our team is working on some improvements regarding the PVP time window and how it operates. Keep an eye for incoming announcements on changes regarding this and other aspects of the game.
We’ll relay the suggestion so it can be considered.

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Currently if a thrall is in “following mode” it can be attacked by people outside of raid time. If it is “guarding” it can not be attacked

Yes. But its better then "Thrall is in following mode, can attack people outside of the raidtime( with command), but can not be attacked back. It was the situation before the patch. :grin:

Yes this is a issue I’m having. If a player has a thrall following them and its outside of raid time the thrall will attack another player/thrall. I’ve already killed many players thralls outside raid time and tbh I kinda like it.

Will you continue to like it when it is your thralls being killed, outside of raid hours, while your offline? Or is it only ok as long as it’s you doing the killing?

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I like this change. It means that if you are fighting an enemy thrall near the end of raid time and the thrall gets down to a sliver of health it is not magically saved at the turn of the clock.

And keep it up after that. Needs fixed.

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