Following thralls taking damage from their owners, other players and their thralls. PVE

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

We are a PVE-C server. Since this update, thralls that are set to follow, takes damage from our own attacks. This includes pets. Not only that, they can damage other enemy thralls and vice versa.

We have PVP enabled as we always have. Structure damage is completely disabled apart from NPC and Purges.

This has caused a great divide within our community with half the players asking to remove PVP and the PVP players considering moving to new servers.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I have a similar server will check out tonight hopefully they will sort things out soon. I know of 2 bases that could be having problems right now Lol

I’m sure the thralls doing damage to other attacking thralls is what’s meant to happen now and so it should, the idea that I can get killed by another players thrall and not be able to kill there thrall while it was attacking me was ridiculous, it even says in the patch notes “Fixed an issue where thralls could be commanded to damage other players, but could not be damaged back”

I’ve been doing some testing and it’s a bit inconsistent but from what I can tell any thrall, pet or horse that’s been following recently is open for attack by other players as long as it’s followed you recently even if put into guarding it can still be openly attacked by other players, me and a friend have put several thralls to follow then switch them back to guarding and all of them were open to attack by me and attacked me when I attacked them, obviously outside of PvP time they all revert back to there normal non attacking state also as a side not make sure your thrall or pet is not in attack all mode during PvP any player that comes near it will become a potential target, I ran near a player on the map and his thrall immediately went for me even though me and the player had no prior combat or interaction, I’m also on pve-c.

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I went on my pve-c server for just a short time last night. I have a base very close to my alternate characters base. Grabbed a thrall went to visit nothing happens climb in with the thralls nothing. Poked aE few with a spear nothing. Poked my thrall he is damaged. Also he has a health bar again that is good. Enabled pvp time nothing give a poke with spear no reaction turned on building damage all heck Broke out could not leave the area fast enough to save my sacrificel thrall. So nothing happens until building damage is turned on I thought pve-c doesn’t allow building damage. Also when ever I have tried to change that setting recently it says required a server reset not something to be done in game. I don’t play official . Should thralls not attack during raid t time if attacked? And pve conflict doesn’t have building damage. Thanks for the help everyone.

Ps. I was the only one on server so that was as much as I could test.

Hello @FullonDUB, what’s your damage multiplier for Friendly Fire currently set to?

It’s expected that followers engage during PvP time depending on their stances, however, we’re currently looking into an issue with the friendly fire setting not working as expected.

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My friendly fire is set as low as possible unless the update changed the settings will have to check tonight @Hugo . Thanks for the inquiry.

It’s normal when set to full PvP (building damage) that all thralls would attack during full PvP thralls are meant to guard against raids, it seems on pve-c there tweaked specifically to only attack and be attacked when following a player I guess to curb griefing and log in to a base full of dead thralls because somebody’s killed them when your offline, during PvP time on a pve-c server simply attacking shouldn’t trigger them, we tested extensively last night and no amount of damage to a thrall that hasn’t previously been following them could trigger them to attack but we have noticed that things like horses especially are now particularly weak to attacks as when your riding them they are technically following you and can be killed easily and since they removed the option for them to attack the are basically useless when out during PvP.

The easiest way to look at it is on a PvP server the thralls guard you and your base on pve-c they only guard you.

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@Smm1990 Thanks for the information I generally leave the pvp turned off because all of the people from different time zones and people who don’t speak English don’t want them having a bad experience would only turn on when I am online to monitor. Thanks again

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