Fighters killing people after or before raid time


we have problem with fighters/archers people use them on players before or after raid time and fighter still can kill player . If you are out of raid time and give comand to fighter to atack he will kill player.
can somebody fix this bug. :expressionless:


This is intended is it not?

A friend send me video withe the same problem. In non raid time the thralls attacks players

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It shouldnt… But who knows.

Personally I’d love for this to be a thing, that way I wouldn’t have to worry that someone can crawl all over scouting my base outside raid times while my thralls sit there staring at butterflies.


is bad some people champ on obelisk with horses and thrals and killing low players all time, and many of them dont know about this : /

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but still your thrall need be on follow and you need order him to atack person :smile:

Well, its not like people never complained about broken horses in PvP and dmg outside the raid-window… Therefore I would never dare to play PvP at officials. Have to be a sadist or way to much free-time.

Private servers with rules, is another thing. But then again, what is even the goal in survival PvP? o_O

The goal is hide and survive if you are solo.

Build an obnoxiously large base if you’re a clan. Still hide, just behind a base and 17,000 foundations instead of in a hole of a cliff somewhere.

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Yeah and thats why I dont play survival PvP :smiley:

This is 100% a bug and I hope they fix it soon

How is this a good thing? U cant kill the thralls out of raidtime then u thralls shouldnt be able to kill u. What u just mentioned is some stupid PVE ga rb age

I’ve never played PvE in this game, so…ok? I don’t care if they add the option to kill thralls. I ran up to a neighbors base last night and swiped 3k dried wood that he left on the dryer outside. His 4 berserkers, 2 frost giants, 3 Dalinsias, and other assorted thralls watched me. He shouldn’t have left it out, sure. But the thralls should have done something.
If someone accesses inventory of anything I own, or starts climbing my stuff, it should aggro my thralls and pets. If you don’t want free season on thralls, make it a boundary thing. Anything inside my land claim gets thrall aggro.

If thralls wouldn’t be invulnerable in that moment you could have just killed them with arrows in any moment of the day. Thralls are strongh but can’t do anything against arrows, poison, or other simple tactics. Yeah they can do that anyway, but inside Raid time, and this is the meaning of the raid time: to reduce the time necessary for the players to be alert.
If you forget dry wood outside, near your base or far away, it doesn’t matter, it’s just your fault :smiley:

I didn´t play the last days. Therefore my question for better understanding:
If (outside of raid hours) player A orders his follower to attack player B and they start to fight, does the follower take any damage or not?

The follower doesn’t take damage. Players get almost one-shot. This is a bug and is heavily abused on PVE-Conflict servers. Should be reported and fixed.

Probably an oversight then. If the follower is still invulnerable, it shouldn´t attack I think. Like it was before patch.

Are you going for it?

It was already reported. No sense in making a second post about it.

Would you mind to share the link, please?

You can. Just trap them in spikes. Happens all the time on official PVP