Thrall in not pvp hours


Players using thrall in not pvp hour???

I’m confused is that a glitch?

You can use thralls all day. Do you mean he was using it to attack you?

Yes, there are 2 clan using to thralls to attack me 24/7

Isn’t raiding on Sunday bugged as in active the entire day? I know it is bugged for the pc private servers which is why many have turned it off on Sundays.

Are you on a PvP server? If so you can always attack other players, it’s only building damage and guarding thralls that are time restricted.

I’m on PVP official server. I’m confused, because I thought that the thralls only attacked other players within the hour of pvp, but these 2 clans have used it since it entered the server.

Thralls on follow can attack you 24/7, thralls that are guarding or scouting only attack you during raid hours (unless you attack them first). This is perfectly normal.

When did they make this change? I was pretty surprised when my thrall started chasing other players outside raid hours last time I played, but thought it was probably just a bug lol

I have over 7 months to play pvp, but before this I played for a year. Thralls on pvp, always attack 24/7. In the first pvp server I joined, I learn this lesson. Someone has builded close the aloe recipe and he placed around the aloe recipe archers on single foundations so no noob will take the recipe. Ofcurce his archers didn’t let me go close, so… Pvp, gas orbs (noobs power :joy:), I kill some fellows I took the recipe and I left running. Ofcurce I didn’t stay enough to this server to get his answer, but I don’t believe he was more experienced player than I was back then, archers without a gasmask is a little noobish, don’t you think?

I played on official pvp all of '19 and in that time Thralls never attacked outside raid hours.

played a little in the summer '20 and don’t remember if they did there… Only remember when I played a little again like a month ago

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