Questions about PVP (private server)

on a private server we are running, we’ve run into a few problems for pvp.

Thralls won’t attack people on sight, is there a way to fix this/change this setting so they do? (They attack only if their owner attacked/had been attacked)

Is this setting changed via raid times? If so, is it possible to run a 24/7 raid time? (It’s just family who plays together, so we are always on at the same time, so it’s not an issue)

We are looking to have our server be pvp enabled and our base protected by pets and thralls, but currently one can stroll right in and loot, kind of sours it a bit if the thralls ain’t defending.

I know people do play 24-7 pvp you will most likely have to adjust in gportal site. Not in my game currently. The have to hit or be hit for thralls to activate is unfortunately common.

I’ve been reading it common for the “have to be hit” thrall issue. But I’ve read also, supposedly fixing raid times fixes that issue. Again, supposedly.

I have no problem fixing it in gportal, but my question then becomes, “How?” So I set safe times to be like 23:57-23:59 and raid to be 01:00 - 23:56? Or is there a way to take off the safe time all together?

Hello @Iswut, you should be able to allow PvP at all times by disabling the “Time-Restrict PvP” parameter.

Be sure to also try and leave building damage on, and let us know if the thralls’ behavior gives you any sort of issues.

Thank you @Hugoand @sestus2009

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