Thrall not attacking other player all time

I have create a server with the following setting


I assume this is a 24 hour PVP and base raiding setting. and yet other place is walking around my base and non of my thrall is attack them . I have not change any equipment of the thrall . anyone know what is the problem or the setting is not a 24 hour pvp/base raid setting

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I have some time to play pvp, or admin in a server. Maybe, I am wrong, very possible to be wrong actually but please try this if you haven’t already. Command your thrall to follow, command attack all enemies, command higher distance and then just place it a bit to aside without more commands . Ask from another player to help you to see if this worked.
Place some traps too, they help thralls to be triggered. I was using a couple spiders, they always agro to everything so all the rest are triggered by them :wink:.

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