PVP - Cheating or Not + a quick thrall question

Hi Peeps

I have some quick questions on something i have just observed which seemed odd.

Firstly a quick question i cant seem to find an answer to.
Can you kill a players thralls outside the pvp building damage time???

As mine have just been killed before 5.00pm amd wasnt sure if this player has cheated somehow

I am suspicious of this play for a few reasons

  1. Lvl up and built substantial base extremely quickly surpassing me and i have been alone on this server for a few weeks

  2. When he attacked he managed to steal alot of items quickly that would deffinetly cause a player to be over encumbered so would take a number or trips

  3. He had a 2nd person within the clan attacking at the same time but when i attacked this person it seemed on a loop dodging every few seconds but not attacking back. Didnt seem like it was player controlled and once killed hasnt been on server since

There may be things i just dont know about the game yet to explain these but seemed odd to me.

Any answers/ thoughts would be great

Thanks all.

Just to add to this i just used some explosives and orbs on his sandstone wall and caused zero damage. This was at 10.15

most raid windows are 6 hours, and 5-11 server time zone.
i play on mostly US east
which means 5-11 estrn. But I am central, so i have to adjust to 4-10

If i played on US west, then it would be 5-11 pacific, or 7-1 am central for me. Make sense?

so, depending on the server, and the raid window needs to be adjusted for any time zone differences. As for the other stuff about the looting and 2nd player, no idea.

EU server and im in uk so shoukd be fine. He just blow a hole in my base then it wouldnt let me to his. Seems odd

just seemed the window might have been an hour off, but I do not know the EU timezone set up fro servers. Check that against your actual time zone.

EU time is normally CET. SO raid window for your server would be 5-11pm CET. Hope that helps???

Cant seem to find the in game time so if thats the case then it make sense as will be an hour ahead so would of been an hour and 15 min out when attacking.

That will also explain why he managed to kill my thralls as would of been already been in the time slot

Still unsure on the rest something not right

Thanks for the responses

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