PvP Building damage outside time limit


Was just wondering what the point of the PvP time restriction is on building damage and if there’s any way to get around it that’s not an exploit or “hacking” etc. We got raided last night and our buildings were destroyed at 16:17 according to the event log which shouldn’t really be a thing since the server settings say PvP building damage is between 17:00 and 23:00. I don’t mind getting raided, it’s a PvP server afterall, but what’s the point of having a safe window and a raid one if you can just ignore them? This happened on official server #3077 btw.

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It’s a bit confusing, but your Event Log shows things as they happen in your local time, whereas the server settings are displayed for the server’s time zone. Unfortunately there is no indicator telling you what the server’s time zone is, you just have to know that it is +/- whatever number of hours.

You can test raid time using your own thralls, if you hit your thrall and it takes damage then raid hour is upon you.


Welcome to the comunity. I think that you get an really good answer to your problem. What i would like to add as a question is : You play on pc, Xbox or ps4? I am asking you that because i ve read several reports for hacks on pc. I really wish you don’t have hack issues because this is the definition of ‘unfair’. Still if you have hack issues, try to prove it, contact the comunity and report the little s… ts. Be sure that funcom will react.

It says ps4 in the tags…

To OP, there’s some mobs people get to damage buildings outside raid hours, doesn’t seem like anythings is done about it.

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Oh really sorry i didn’t notice that, thank you.

I believe that was fixed last patch, though it wasn’t in the patch notes.

nice, tbh I haven’t played lately lol

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