Damage buildings outside of Raid Hours


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: : PvP
Region: [NA]
** Server** 1932

[Base was damage/destroyed during offline raiding hours. I assume this is the same issue PvE people were dealing with earlier. ]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Based was destroyed when logged on
2.Checked event Log
3. Hours aren’t during raid times, and destroyed by.
4. Hobo barbarian.


We lost one of our clan members today with something similar on official server 1808. His base was partly destroyed last night between 11pm PST and 8am this morning, outside of raiding hours, but in our case there is nothing at all in the event log.

This is probably more of an Exploit then a bug.


Additional info: when I got close to clan mates base the event log showed up, then when I returned home, it was gone again.

Log shows the same absence of a real name in by . so most like an exploit or hack of some kind.


Looks like someone named a character that “.” to use them as a raider while offline. it is most likely someone on your server using an alt or something so they dont get caught,been seeing it a lot lately!


Well they did have this issues on PvE first. There is an exploit which I thought they patched in Sept. I wonder since the new patch it caused this exploit reappear. Haven’t tested it since I’m playing solo but my buddy just gave me the news today. Figured I"d post something up hopefully the Devs catch wind of this.


Same problem here, however I’m not sure about an exploit, as the buildings seem to disappear (“lost stability”) during / after server restarts.


Looks like some of the others in the log said destroyed by player .


Its a purge…you have been purged…that is all


So the purge would spawn them inside our base, when no one is online, and outside the hours expected?
Also no thralls moved from their spots or were killed,

The player is not “.” that is just the end of the line when inserting “<Player_Name>”

how was it done ontside hours? Place bomb, Light bomb, Log off, Log on and know nothing.

I think thats how its done but need to test it because now we have been raded and have no bombs


Look at the times, it couldn’t of been purge. “Outside purge hours” and on top of that it’s outside of PvP raid hours. As stated before there’s an exploit that was used to destroy buildings in PvE, I’m curious if it’s back or perhaps they found a different method.


Can’t be a purge, since that issue occurred on a server that has purges turned off. In fact, it occurs just after a server restart.


So we got hit again in this same server in another base, This time it was our PVP base, Odd thing was no way of entry was made yet all our stuff is destroyed at 14:38 server time (Raid hours set to 17:00-23:00).

Logs show nothing about an attack but i have seen the following
i.imgur .com/berMqNe .png (remove Spaces sorry i cant post images)
Gerry is also Chinese and in the same clan

Base is situated on top of a large map object, There was no way to climb, I had fires all around the outside elevated to cause heat damage to the outer surroundings even if you were in legion armour using the shield and ice tea, only walls in the upper section were blown up like all they wanted to do was get out, and i also had a shield up.

I can’t be bothered with this game anymore if simple exploits exist in a game that requires this much time


Might be related to my topic, Jhebbal Sag avatar has a chance damage buildings outside raid time, attacks are logged as being attacked by .


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