Can't damage buildings. (Building damage is on)

Hey guys, I am wanting to try out the damage on the explosive jars and stuff, but I am unable to do any kind of damage to buildings. Yes I have building damage turned on in the settings and the time window is unchecked so building damage should be allowed at all times. Am I missing something?

Don’t know the exact cause, but we found on our private server we had to time restrict it. We set it to 00:00 to 23:59. Then we could damage buildings.

Yeah I even tried that and I still can’t damage buildings, it make absolutly no sense to me.

If you are on a PvE server (ie pvp is disabled), I believe that overrides the ability to damage your own buildings. Enabling pvp requires a server restart. But if you turned pvp on, enabled damage to your own buildings, restarted the server and it still wouldnt work, idk what the issue is.

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