Clan and I need help solving a mystery

Hi there. Me and my friends recently started playing on a public PVP server (not an Official one, though) where buildings are set to “indestructible” and there is no set raiding time. Our base in E5 was raided this morning while we were all offline, and we have no clue how it happened. I am hoping that someone in the community can point out what the vulnerability is in our base that allowed this to happen.

Our base is a 2-story 6x6 box made almost entirely from insulated wood. Our foundation is sandstone. We have two entrances: a wooden hatch in the roof and a heavy reinforced door in the front. We have one window, which is in a back corner and high enough that no benches/chests are accessible from it. Around the house, including under the window, are palisades. There is one spot where the geometry prevented us from placing a palisade in the back of the house, so it is possible to climb from the ground to the roof. The bottom floor has all of our work benches and chests, and the top floor has our beds, and it is where most of us log out.

The event log showed us that the raid likely started on the top floor, as the first things to be stolen were a player’s armor. After that, they took everything from the benches on the bottom floor, including our thralls. They did not kill anyone, and none of the benches were broken. When I checked the health of the structure, the only sign of damage was on one wall that we all think came from a previous purge.

We are pretty sure we know who on the server did it. What we do not know is how they did it. We haven’t been playing long enough, I think, to suss out all the ways to break into bases. I would like some insight on where the vulnerability may be in the building, as I am responsible for most of its construction. If it’s an exploit, then per the forum rules I don’t want to know how to do it; simply “They did it by exploit” would be enough for me.

You have no walls showing destroyed on the event log? Or do you have windows? If so, then they can scoop stations if they are close to windows.

The event log did not show any walls as having been destroyed. There are no benches accessible from our one window; it’s placed too high.

Public as in Player owned?
I assume Admin evil time. XD

Or they simple found a way glitch in ceiling, or simple past by area and stuff was floating do to building loading weird. Or there floor and ledge they can squeeze glitch thru.

Player-owned, yeah. And we don’t know who the admin is; I suppose it’s possible they’re around and messing with people.

My feeling is it’s glitch-related. While we were investigating the base, we found situations where we could glitch the hatch door in weird ways. Also, I noticed that some of our walls and palisades load slow if I run around the general area too much.

I suggest you add another level to your home so if they are glitching into your base via the hatch door them all they find is an empty floor / room and then a door or series of doors to empty rooms and one room/door that eventually leads to a staircase down to the rest.
I’d say even make it a trap for them … “hey you want to cheat to get in … welcome to a room of spikes to die on.”
Maybe put some thralls or pets inside the empty rooms that you don’t care too much about so if they are foolish enough to glitch through during PvP hours they will get attacked … I say ones you don’t care much about as they might kill them.

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How big is your base

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