Base got raided, open walls but nothing in the logs

Game mode: Online official Server 1092
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

[Describe the bug here]
My Base got raided, a lot of walls are missing. But nothing in the logs (the walls were Aquilonian, Ive only got Brickwall entries). As there was a lot of cheating on this Server yesterday, I assume this was cheated as well, rather than a bug (considering the crafting stations are now empty). Never the less it could also be a bug with the log system.


they are trying to fix the issue and a hot fix is coming I heard. build a secret stash somewhere and hide your most valuable stuff to prevent it going missing.

so is it what?
a) problem with the log not showing everything
b) someone glitched into the base
c) wall disappeared thru bug and then someone took all the loot


its a glitch/exploit and you will not find any records in the log. I wont elaborate as to the how as it will just allow others to see it and use it. Now of course I am assuming this is the same exploit but it has all the right signs.

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It’s possible this is actually a different bug:

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as his crafting tables were emptied out I think its the offline raid bug.

If the base was left accessible by missing pieces, it would be likely that anyone passing by would take advantage. While it’s possible this is intentional destruction, it’s not improbable that someone took advantage of the goodies exposed by disappearing pieces.

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Very true

possible, but not very likely. As it is a hanging base which hardly is possible to climb into it - I myself tried multiple times and failed.

Yeah, that would seem more intentional then, it would be hard to just casually notice missing pieces in a difficult-to-access base.

If it was hardly possible to climb into it though, how would a player get to the affected areas to damage them using an exploit or cheat?

The only other thing I can think of is that someone saw hints of your base from wherever, got curious and decided to investigate, then noticed an opening.

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Happened again, this time crafting tables werent empty. But there wasnt much in them so the attacker might have left the loot. Again happend during PVP time when I was offline.

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