Unaccounted items... possibly a hacker's move

I am not sure of my game mode but I had over 1000 hardened bricks & over 300 steel reinforcements go missing over night. This is acceptable but items went missing without any report in the log. Further more the wall in front of the chest was intact.

On a possibly unrelated note: I confirmed with the player who killed my Rino that my place was indeed sacked. Weird thing is that I have no reports of buildings being damaged at all.

This incident occurred on server official American PVP server 1651.

I wish I had more info but that why I’m looking to you Funcom. <3

Thanks for listening,

MAny said this before.

Are your doors still there ?.

Doors don’t count as “building” items so should someone destroy one or a chest, that will never show up in the logs.

Same for ALL items you can “place” in the game, only Building pices will show up in hte log if destroyed.

Hope this helps you a little.

Maybe you got ‘raid’ by some undermesher?

Ok about the doors but if someone takes the contents of a chest or work station it will show up on event log. Recently left a base idle doors decayed some one popped them open and we have a red list of stolen items that’s really long. Witch is fine didn’t like the location and it was time to start new characters of course we raided what was left of our base and passed it on to teammates.

I just posted on another thread in this forum that last night we had numerous foundations disappear with the chests that were on top of them. Wondering if some sort of stability bug.

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