Someone stole all my things out of an iron chest

Hey all,

today I played the game and I saw that my small house in the north lost his door!?!?

All the time in the house was an iron chest with things like the crafted map and so on. But today the iron chest was not in the house and all the things in the iron chest were nowhere.

I played the game every day in the last weeks on an offical PVE server without PVP (System PC).

How could someone do this and stole my things? Or is it a bug?

Thanks for your answer

3 possibilities, AFAIK:

  1. Decay timer. You didn’t log on in the last 5 days.
  2. Offline Purge. NPC’s griefed you real nice.
  3. Your chest was on a wedge foundation. <— killer bug.

Hi and thanks for your answers.

1 I played every day at the last days
3 The chest was on a normal foundation the last two weeks

2 Mhh…Maybe it was an offline purge. I play this game two months and I did not see any purge. Where is this purge? At all my buildings? I ask because where I lost my things the building had one foundation with a door, 3 walls and a roof. My big castle is miles away from there. So I think the purge attacks the big buildings and not such a small.

The purge is in the evening, right?. This morning I logged in and everything was ok. The chest with the things were an their place. Some hours later everything was gone.

Each tile has 2 hours of decay, which accumulate with other tiles…
So if you have a 1 foundation hut… with 1 doorframe, 1 door, 3 walls, 1 roof, 1 chest, that’s 8 tiles in total…

16 hour decay.

Decay isn’t material based like in ARK, i’m afraid. Furthermore, destroying doors and chest doesn’t collapse the whole building when it is decayed. Only when you collapse a proper structure tile, i.e. wall, then the whole decayed building collapses.

This is why you found your hut still there.

With 7 building structures or more you you get the full fray of 6 days.

With the new official holiday decay settings, yes. It went into effect yesterday.

It’s been that way for over a week now. The holiday patch just increased the time further to a cpl weeks of decay.



Hmm that’s crazy, works on official for me. Setup full plots everywhere to lock down land around my base. Try a regular foundation. Wedges always seem to have some bug attached to them.

When you build close to your base, it adopts the proximity decay of nearby tiles.

Yes I know, but I’ve also secured other future building locations. Like an apex base. Near the giant spider. Same effect. 144 hours for 7 foundations. Since they extended the time is like 404 hours I’m seeing now.

Honestly dont know what to say, works for me lol. Your on an official server? If private. Other setting could be in effect.

It also might be that I only build with black ice structures. Haven’t touched sandstorm since 2nd day release lol.

I play on official PvE (EU).
I’m not going to spend black ice on an experiment now, so your point is safe.
Well played :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll test it later. Have loads of resources . Rather nice having a practically unraidable base , especially with how bad people pvp lol.

Survival of the fittest, right? :slight_smile:

Indeed sadly our server is dying. Time to move and conquer a new one. We’ve been offering resources and tools for people to stay . I like the combat . Raiding gets boring.

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