Chests and workstations disappeared

I’m playing on a private server which is PVE-C. I made a bunch of workstations and 3 simple chests last night. Today when logging in said I had been killed by someone, then after returning to the place I am stationed I’ve found that all 3 locked chests (in blue)have disappeared along with 3 workstations(in orange). None of the other workstations have even been damaged one bit. Was this a purge or sth?! Could admin do this?

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Any structure that contains less than 6 pieces is subject to a much shorter decay time. Chances are that because you did not build on a foundation floor or make a full building, the stuff you lost was stand alone and had the shorter decay timer.

That’s interesting because nothing was built on a floor structure. It was only 1 day and the workstations I built first - didn’t disappear; they’re still there. The ones that disappeared were built last and the chests were loaded up.

Remember that decay is a bit random. Things enter the Decay state, but don’t then disappear immediately. Instead it slowly disapears with items vanishing at random it seems.

Also, what constitutes 6 items to merit the longer timer isn’t exactly clear. 6 fish traps close enough to each other may get the timer but may not if spaced too far apart. This is why enclosing the place in a house or building may be the best option.

Also, depending on server settings, your body is not removed when you log out. I believe this is the case on official servers. So if you log out when not in a building,you can be attacked by anyone or thing and could even be killed by a sandstorm. So get house and log out in it.

As long as it was no admin hocus pocus. I’ve never hosted so I don’t know what’s possible. Thanks for taking the time, Critter, appreciated!

if the items were lost to decay you should have a log saying ruin system, player will have their name of who destructed it

Need to check the Event Log. If its empty, its a bug. if it isn’t it will shed light to this mystery.

The event log was completely empty. Opened it many times and left it a couple of minutes too. Zilch.

The 4 workstations I built first are all still there too. This is confusing. Only those 3 full chests and 2 or 3 workstations nearby disappeared overnight.

Do decayed workstations and chests (which are not placed on foundations) show up in the Event Log at all? In general, I mean.
I’ve never noticed a chest in the event log though I let many decay after raids for example.


I’ve no idea, though other’s have said they perhaps should. If there’s no official word on it then I’ll have to try testing it.

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