Chests and some building parts vanishing on server restarts. (pve-c #1043)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU/official pve-c #1043]

So I was away for a few days and we already lost chests to whatever reason before, but I have to add: it only happened at our outpost near Braga. (near north west obelisk)
Then my clanmate (who continued to log in each day, so our stuff wouldnt decay) told me about how we lost even more…
(More chests and a cupboard, which have been there for 10+ days but then suddenly disappeared.)
And no, there has been no change to the building pieces. All stuff started vanishing randomly a long time after we upgraded to tier 3. So it’s not that different heights problem.

Also I saw how we lost parts of said building, which have been provided with those wooden pillars to have the stability working. We loose a few triangle ceiling on each and every server restart, which only get enough stability due to some wooden pillars. I dont know how that works (though I have a lively imagination), but please take a look at wooden pillars not being considered as stability giving things by the time that decay-script runs on restart…

It really seems like those supporting beams/wooden pillars wont count as such on restarts. I might be totally wrong though. :joy:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Seems to happen randomly - not connected to upgrading building parts, as that happened quite a few days ago. It makes sense for chest 2+3 vanishing on second restart if the first one deletes chest one (stacked on top of each other). But why did the first chest disappear? :hushed:

Building pieces which depend on wooden pillars for stability and disappear on each+every restart:

  1. Build something. Maybe a 1x1x3 tower made from foundations.
  2. Add 4 ceilings to any direction.
  3. See that a fifth wont work, then add a diagonal wooden pillar, which then allows a fifth ceiling.
  4. Place said fifth ceiling.
  5. Restart the game or server. Where has that fifth ceiling gone to? :hushed:

Ps: Thanks for that automated form which gets added on new topics. Nice one.
And please ignore weird/wrong wording… uhm… :zipper_mouth_face:

Has this problem been taken notice of? Could someone tell me? @Spynosaur_Nicole

(Please take a look at that aggressive we-dont-like-flying-decorations/stuff-mid-air-script. (or whatever that exactly is) It really doesnt seem to be running properly? Maybe its only a problem with timing? Like that thing running over the server faster than certain things can be calculated? Or “wrong” priorities?)

This happened to me yesterday. I had a chest full of thralls in my base that just disappeared (was there the day before). No other chest/cabinet was missing, all building pieces were okay… so not really sure what could have happened to it.

To bring this issue up again.
It started to happen on our mainbase on a pvp server. Two advanced cauldrons including their content plus thralls have gone missing. They have been there yesterday night after raid time - so they clearly vanished on restart.

I think both (or all) times it happened to stuff which were placed on triangle foundations.
Because both me and my clanmate recall it that way - both now and back when I first started this thread.
Straight ahead in the corner and between those two cauldrons have been cauldrons.

(I think I should loot them completely prior to next restart. :thinking:)

Would one of you be so kind to tell me if that issue being related to triangle foundations is known? (I know, I might need to wait until august.)

Ah, also reportet in current live:

Just lost Firebowl Cauldron with T3 Alchemist, Furnace with T4 smelter, Armorer’s Bench with T4 Armorer, Artisan’s bench with T3 carpenter, Preservation box, Fluid Press, Dryer, bed and at least 5 large chest. And all the precious contents are gone from all of this. Lost all this to server restart. This is only at one of my base. Haven’t been to the other base to check.