Roof vanishes at every server reboot

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

If your roof is held up by support struts, rather than walls, it disappears every time the server restarts.
I suspect this happens because roofs have a higher loading priority than struts, and so the system thinks that there isn’t enough stability to support them, because the struts haven’t loaded yet.

Same bug on PS4. Built a round room twice on pillars, both times it vanished after a server reboot. 80-100 stability.

If I might?

It’s because of stability. For whatever reason the support beams wont be calculated when the building is loaded (or even decay? idk). Thus the parts which rely on support beams will fall apart on each serverdown.
The red stability comes from the wall, the green from the support beam.

I can confirm 100% that if you have used the wooden supports, diagonal or the ones against the wall, that every server reset any items that rely on them will collapse.

I can understand if that was the case, but my chest was sitting on a foundation…

Actually, mine was as well. We had a stack of 3 chests.
1 on foundation, 2 on #1, 3 on #2. After the first vanished because of whatever reason, of course the other two vanished as well. (As those were proper flying objects.)