Losing Stability on Server restarts

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: 1952 oceanic

Every time the server restarts there are random structures around our base that lose stability and break. Most commonly however it is our Map Room roof, which is a symmetrical hexagon. All other sides of the hexagon always remain unaffected except for this one side constantly losing stability, for no apparent reason. Obviously being a map room roof all ceiling pieces are at 20 stability in the centre. However when all other sides remain unaffected I wonder why this side in particular has issues?

I have tried simply replacing the structures (13 wedge ceilings and 4 ceilings) and even dismantling and rebuilding the pillar in the hopes the game will realise it is actually getting support from it. All to no avail. Even the ceiling directly on top of the pillar with a stability rating of 100 loses it’s stability.

I can reproduce this bug every time on the map room roof, however other structures around our base also randomly get affected too. Most recently a couple of stairs connected to a foundation with the stability rating of 80 both lost stability and broke after a server restart.

Reproducing Bug

  1. I rebuild the structures that lose stability
  2. Not necessarily the first server restart, but within a few, they lose stability again.
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Hey @Jacira

We’re aware of some stability issues on server restart. Could you let us know if there is any pillars in your building or nearby the structures that are affected?
Could you also share a picture with the affected structures so we can get a better idea of which pieces can be affected by this issue?
Thanks in advance.

This is happening with modded things as well. Upon restarting servers building pieces seem to drop to 0 health for no apparent reason and collapse.
Typically it seems that it’s black ice structures being effected, but also roofing and floor/ceiling tiles. So far as vanilla pieces it seems isolated to black ice and reinforced stone. Roofing and floor/ceiling tiles. Anything attached above them will also be effected by the collapse, naturally.

same problem occurs in my base, pillars breaks at restart and all falls :frowning:

Thank you for your reply @Ignasis

Sorry I have taken a while to get back to you. But in doing so I actually have more information about this bug.

When I first reported this bug, this is what the roof looked like normally;

And this is what it looked like whenever I would log in after a server restart;

However, as I was unable to log into the base for a few days, when I did I was greeted with this;

As you can see from the server logs, because I was unable to log in and rebuild the ceilings and pillars that lost stability, it seems the game is continuing to proverbially eat my base!

I’m not sure if you can see from the picture or not, however the hexagonal roof is not symmetrical with the ground. The ground is simple square foundations and I’ve just re-shaped the roof structure. Do you believe this may have something to do with the loss of stability?

In addition, this is the other area of our base that has lost stability randomly for no reason;

Not sure why it happened here as they are simply just stairs… However if you check the bottom log on the server log picture you will see one of our papyrus scrolls lost stability as well. It seems to just happen to random things as well as this map room structure indefinitely.

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@janarah This is not the case here. The items decaying here are either sandstone or insulated wood.

I don’t believe this bug is specific to a particular type of building material, rather it’s the building stability mechanics and how they interact with the server as a whole.

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Thanks for the follow-up @Jacira. It seems that pillars are affected, which unfortunately we’re aware of. Interestingly enough, it does also seem to be affecting stairs. We’ll send note to our team :slight_smile:

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Ah, this explains why some stairs in my Northern Star Base kept vanishing even though repair hammer showed their stability as 50. This seems to affect only certain constructions, as most of my pillars, stairs and combinations of the two have remained proudly erect after months of game play. Good to know this is already being looked into.

@Jacira: Are you sure you didn’t add any pizza toppings on that roof? Because it looks as if someone (one of the Giant-Kings perhaps?) was hungry for a very big pizza.


@Kapoteeni The next stage of the build was to actually continue building up with a lighthouse of sorts. Given the condition of the stability system and losing structures previously we decided to see if it would stay up. Lucky too as it would have been an even greater loss of resources if we continued the build.

Any of those giant kings that come around wanting to munch on our structures I always refer to…


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