Major stability bug. Placed building pieces destroying on server restart

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [USA - California]

Building pieces are self-destroying on server restart. It appears to be a stability bug. Just lost the entire bottom section of a Storm Glass base, approximately 300 foundations and all the walls, pillars, and benches supported by them. Will no longer continue building in Conan Isle of Siptah and Exiles Lands until I can be certain that when I place a building piece, it will be there the next time I sign on. Should also be said that I farmed the resources to build these structures culminating in hundreds of hours of gameplay as I am not an admin.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Placed building pieces during base construction.
  2. Signed off with everything intact.
  3. Server completed automatic daily restart for any potential updates.
  4. Signed back on to find entire bottom half of my base destroyed.
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Hey there , as it is a private server , I’ll ask the following questions :

  • have you spoke with the admin of the server ? ( some private servers have rules that limits the amount of fundations you are allowed to build ect … it may be the case where this was destroyed by the admin )
  • have you looked at your event log ? ( what is it showing you with the building/construction box ticked ? )
  • does the server has mods that may impact stability ?
  • did you build on pillars placed on the border ( anywhere that is not in the middle ) of a square fundation with some experimental building techniques ? ( when the server restart , it calculates stability a bit differently than when you build and pillar placed where there where not originaly intended will loose stability on server restart )

also some screens could help us understand more what happened .

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Great questions, thanks for the quick response.

The admin is aware of the issue but neither of us have checked event logs yet. I’ll share those here when I receive.

There are no mods on the server. The admin has scheduled a daily restart to account for new updates and that is when the issue occurs.

The base is built across the largest land bridge in the Old Smugglers Route. The affected section is a hanging structure suspended by pillars from foundations placed in the terrain at 100% stability. I encountered the problem initially using sandstone and worked to circumvent it extensively with repair hammer before putting in the Stormglass.
Lowest stability percentage for ceiling tiles serving as a suspended floor (destroyed on restart) was 40%.

I have a photo of the structure but cannot post as a “new user”.

Thanks again for the help. Event logs and photos to come.

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I just got a message from a clan member last night that the same thing happened to us and we play on an official server.

We lost foundations and the chests that were on top of the foundations (~15 chests).

I just logged on during lunch and confirmed. Only thing I see in the events is some foundations losing stability (in the base that we were active in). Regarding the 12 to 15 chests (full of our best loot) that disappeared, absolutely nothing in the events (friendly/unauthorized inventory access, loot bags, building damage) showing them disappearing.

Something odd going on?

Btw, this was not a new construction. This was a room that we created months ago to store our chests. Just that last night the foundations decided to go “poof” with associated chests that are not showing in events at all.

Can we get a pick as devs are doing things here and there I’m sure also are you on pvp cause they release a anti undermesh system that could have had a false positive or the piece you had in a position was not allowed but the system which case dev have to help you at that point

Should have the event logs soon. Waiting on an admin who has young children so really on his timetable. The private server is PVE-C to reconfirm. Can’t upload photos as a new user but I have pics of the damage.

I have event logs in zip file on Google Drive along with photo of base damage. I am unable to share links to it here as well as unable to upload photos. Next steps?

to be able to share them you’ll need to access basic level , here is how to understand how to achieve this , then share them here ( be sure to blur any personnal details like passwords ect… since it’s a public forum )

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Hey there,

We’re aware of some stability issues on server restart when using pillars. Was this the case?
Could you share those logs so our team can get a look at it and see if its the same issue we’re looking into?


Hi, thanks for replying. Yes, pillars were used to suspend the base beneath the large land bridge in the Old Smugglers Route.

Here are the event logs from the server (Nov 16 server restart and update was likely the culprit):

Here is a pic of the ceiling pieces (serving as flooring) suspended underneath the base from landlocked foundations above.

Event logs unzipped in case you can’t extract:

Were you able to view the logs I posted? These are in reference to the original post that I opened the thread with.

it’s the weekend , they will come back at you on the begining of the week :wink:

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Replying to you as well, Kanza. Were you able to view the logs?

I can view them yes , but I understand some things and for others i understand the meaning but not the implications :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the logs. We have relayed them to our team who’s looking at this issue.
@DitDisc if possible, could you send us a backup of your server’s database as well? Zipped if possible. If not comfortable about doing it in this public thread, you can send it to us via private message (click on my name, then Message)


Server database backup in ZIP

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Thank you again. Our team will use it to look into the issue and hopefully have a reliable repro case.