Major building issue/bug

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug |
Region: 3827

Been having a issues with building losing stability when the server restarts, the bug is now getting worse

Got on tonight and now both of my bases are falling apart , after beening build and standing for a couple of weeks without issue

This issue is starting to make game unplayable, and really making me want to quit playing, lost chests work benches on this latest problem and cant build more without worry of wasting time and losing more stuff

Base2 highlands near aqueduct

Base1 mid desert near iron nodes

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.server restart
2. Building stability lost
3. Server restart
4. Stability lost

Hey @Mbannar

Apologies for the frustration. Are the structures collapsing sustained by pillars and/or wedges?
If so, we’re aware of that issue and our team is looking into it.

Some pcs are , but also some are not

If you look at first picture at the bottom some of the wall pcs that are sitting on square t1 foundation that are not support by a wedge or pillars are also missing

On towers I use pillars and couple square foundation then wrap with with walls to give more stability after placing the wedge ceiling pcs

It appears that the wall pcs that are sitting correctly on square foundation are first disappearing they had 100per stability

I’ll make a new base of a tower and send pics that are less crowded and easyer to see as soon as I’m able but the server is currently down

Talk to a couple other players that have made towers in the same method on my server, but the dont appear to have the same issue

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Mine and my partners base just totally vanished 2 weeks ago, we played every 2 days so we didn’t lose any builds and then the one day we came on and the entire 4 months of work was totally gone, we both quit online multiplayer and have not returned since. With other friends following quickly. Tried co-op with just one friend but that didn’t work out either, have created a post on it but very unlikely to get many developer reply’s. Reply once if your lucky.

Good luck

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