Building stability, getting old quick

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug
Region: 3827

Ok so getting the same stability issue about ever other day now
Half of one tower and pcs of another are losing stability ever time I log in and honestly getting tired of having to rebuild my base EVER SINGLE DAY

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log in
2. Parts of base lose stability
3. rinse
4. Repeat

Hello @Mbannar, thank you for getting in touch!

Does this occur everytime you login or after the server restart?

Do the same pieces disappear or random pieces?
What are their durability values?

I noticed this happens to my friend on server I play. Their roof get destroy every day on server restart always same pieces but if not rebuild more brake around same area. Pve server so the values r full hp stability 100 but brakes in next day is gone. Its ps4 tho so maybe that’s why idk but i seen it happened. Its very weird to say the least n wonder if its pillar wedge or the tower structures cause my friend also has tower like building

It might be related to the wedged pieces being used, as we are aware that they can cause some issues with building stability.

Always on restart

Always the same pcs

Stability is all over the place depending on pcs and location

Have 4 towers built all the same build , one loses half the tower one lose a few upper walk way pcs

Other two never have a issue

cpl questions, are you near an npc camp, and have you tried replacing the parts that are in the ground? i had that happen on parts that were stacked on a pillar, i put a foundation under the pillar and it was fine after. 8]

@Mbannar replace the missing pieces with a different building materials like t2 . What sort of stability do you have out there. Sorry didn’t see your first picture I have had similar on round structures leave come back and a stack of wedge foundations gone. Don’t have a answer. Have had it on square building also

Given the fact that they know about this, is it in their priority list of bugs to fix? Any eta on a possible fix?

Although we’re unable to offer any ETA, we’ll be sure to poke the developers in this regard.

Ok hopefully they get to it sooner than later n what not. Not that this is game breaking or anything by any means juss A lil annoying having to rebuild n repair constantly i imagine. Ok thank u hugo

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