Somebody please explain to me how stability works?

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Stability just has a mind of its own, I’ve been at this for an hour and nothing I do works please explain this to me and this isn’t the only place it’s happening, I’m noticing a lot problems just like this everywhere, this is just an example.

So this foundation is on a 100%

This wall above it is on a 100%

But this wall directly above it is on 55%

And the one next to it is on 35% even though the one below it is on a 100%

Now I’ve played this game a lot and I have stability issues a lot and I can usually fix them but I’ve done everything even tore everything down around it to the foundations and nothing I do works, I struggle to work out the logic in this.

Any help appreciated.

As a side note I’ve been through server restarts and that still doesn’t fix the problem, the reason this is a big problem is that above it I have another building and I struggle to build it because or the poor stability below.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Thats weird. Whats with the ceiling stability. Try build two sandstone pillars from the foundation and in the middle a “support”- sandstone ceiling.
Maybe that will bring the stability back to normal.

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The stability can be a real pain. Any time I have seen stability ending in a 5 something is wrong. Normally ends in a 0. 20 30. Pillar suggestion sounds good. I used a bunch of door frames recently to support a roof on a large building it was sort of like a attic installed plenty of pieces I had to destroy after.

The game TRIES to figure best stability for all connected pieces. The more you have the harder it is on the calculation. What i believe happens is it will sometime not finish the calcualtion, and then the piece will have 0 stability. IT is more complex than that, but that is it in a nutshell. Diagram below explains what i have noticed durring raids or redesigning:
Here the pieces are supported as such after building:

If i destroy F, then game recalcs the stability tofor E and D, and they find link so do not get destroyed:

Sometimes the game misses the recalc, and then both D and E will be destroyed because they didn’t get the recalculated satbility fast enouhg. Make sense?


Thanks for the the suggestions, I tried to place a Piller near the wall with a ceiling piece to see off that reset it and all it did was bump up the stability from 35 to 75, I might have to tear it down again and see what happens, yea I know stability just calculates weird I also have a wall that’s 100% and a ceiling tile next to it thats 80% which is normal but the next piece is 20% as for some reason it calculates the stability from the opposite wall which is 3 or 4 tiles away instead of the closer one which is only 1 away.

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for the 20%, It will sometimes reset to the better stability option (60% in this case) when you leave render/log off then back on. That is where the load times suffer i believe on large complex builds. It is calculating the entire build trying to figure from the ground up. Quite awesome for how big some bases are, even if it does “fail” every so often on the right stability option.

As WMHB already said, it’s most likely a bug in the stability graph traversal. What I’m curious about is whether the situation changes if you replace the bottom wall (the one with 100% stability) with some other wall, even sandstone.

Yea the build is quite complex lot of floors and buildings I can accept the odd problem just odd how it’s sometimes calculates weird and messes everything up and @CodeMage I’ve completely tore everything down to the foundations and built it back up, changed walls and gone out of render, I’m wondering whether the changes won’t take effect after server reset which I’m hoping but more then likely they will just lose stability after reset and be destroyed like I’m used to happening when ever there’s weird bugs with stability, to be honest my base is fairly large and has a lot of places where problems could occur so the fact this has been the only major one isn’t bad.

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Just would like to update in case anyone visits this having the same issues, tearing everything down and waiting for server restart was the correct thing to do, everything appears to be at the correct stability and nothing lost stability after the server reset, if in doubt rip it all out and rebuild and wait for a server reset thanks all for your insight.


Thank you for the advice I will use that next time.

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