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I thought I understood the basics of building but certain things are still escaping me. For example, I had a ceiling piece with 80 stability. Was doing tests and put a foundation on that ceiling and both ceiling and foundation remain at 80. Shouldn’t the stability drop with the more stuff you put on it? I’m not complaining about it but it does prove that I have yet to understand the stability in this game. Can anyone explain it? Thanks.

I’m sorry I know this isn’t the right thread to post this on but I’m new and can’t figure out how to get in contact with a mod. I didn’t see a open thread for this. I click on the mods name but I don’t see anywhere I can message them. If any mod could message me I would greatly appreciate it

@Alhambra Stability 101:

Foundation directly on the ground = 100% stability

1 ceiling aways from the foundation 80% stability

2 ceiling aways from the foundation 60% stability

It goes like this all the way down to 20%, at this point the construction with 20% stability is not stable enought to support and extention. To regain stability you need to build a pillar/foundation touching solid ground again.

Building up does not reduce stability only building aways from your structure.

Sorry I’m not the best in English but hope that I was somewhat helpfull.


@Ace7 go to updated and bug section. Hugo is an active moderator. When you see him commenting on a subject click on his name than hit message.


Building up doesn’t reduce stability? Oh…so you mean I can put tons of foundations on my 80 stability ceiling piece and it will never break? Ok, thank you. A bit odd that it works like that.
And don’t worry, your English is fine. :slight_smile: (I’m also not a native English speaker)


Excellent explanation.

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So putting pillars everywhere is asking for trouble?

Pillars are not, necessarily the problem, block strength and ease of attack will always be the issue. When you are building a structure, it is best to consider the weak points will be destroyed during a purge and plan accordingly.

I’ve seen elaborate bases crumble because of a stretched stability issue when a purge took out a few pillars. The cost is rarely the building materials themselves, it is the value of the placables and storage inhabiting the space. When the wall holding a chest is destroyed, the chest’s contents are a lootbag.

Overbuilding is resource intensive but, in my opinion, worth it.

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Well here is a quick description on how I make my buildings, maybe you can tell me if they are safe? Personally I think they are, based indeed on trying to protect what is weaker.
The buildings are surrounded by a floor of foundations, which so far is what the purges keep attacking, I guess the game registered it as part of the building since they are attached to it. This was originally done because I like making basements but in the end it turned out as useful defense as well.
So far no purge has even touched my building, only the foundations that surrounds them and the gates that surrounds everything else. (I keep having to always rebuild gates haha)

All my walls, even the interior walls are built by making a box of four walls then putting a foundation inside. “Most” of my pillars are hidden and enclosed in walls surrounding them and ever since I learned stability only works away instead of up, I use walls with foundation inside in lieux of pillars. All my floors are also one foundation’s worth of space. (means I have a set of ceilings, then add some pillars on top, and make yet another ceiling on top of that)
It sure is a lot more work and resources building like this but it makes all that much more for purges to destroy and get at my weaker spots, which are all pretty much in the middle of my building.

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I build in a similar manner, surrounding my main base with foundations to keep the purge busy and not lose anything.

One change I had to make came with the realization that, at times, a purge spawns inside my base. To address this, I station fighter thalls in my base, 5-8 on each floor. I started this after I nearly lost a base when I realized it has spawned inside. The realization came in the form of a section of by base being destroyed.

That was unpleasant.

Actually yes that happened to me too once, an enemy was inside. I didn’t realize he was there until everything was dead and I could hear him. I was lucky because when I found him inside he was bugged and frozen, not doing anything. But I wonder if he popped into existence right there or if he got in legit.

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