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After hours of testing and building I have found that stability on building parts can change after logging out and back in. This seems to be the reason parts are destroyed at log in. I have witnessed pillars at 100 percent change to 20 percent. I have also witnessed parts placed directly on a pillar in the ground give a 20 percent reading when an identical part next to it gives a 100 percent reading. The if I destroy the 20 percent pillar and replace it goes back up to 100 percent. Larger buildings seem to be more susceptible perhaps will many parts involved the game has more problems remembering although I have seen these issues on smaller buildings just not as bad.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

There is currently a known bug with pillars. Especially when placing foundation then pillar then wedge ceiling it wedge foundation pillar then square foundation. It’s being looked into by the dev team. Not sure of the ETA of the fix.


I have a case with a block foundation placed on the ground then a pillar then a square ceiling. The pillar tests at 20 stability I destroy the pillar and replace it and the it tests at 100. The stability just seems to be an extra issue that causes unnecessary headaches. Why even have it in the game? Other games that have building don’t have it. If a part locks in it should be good and stay good if they want to limit the number of placements just have the part not lock like it does now but the stability numbers serve no real purpose they just over complicate and stress the system. It would be nice to be able to turn it off in solo play.

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As @Wak4863 has mentioned, the developers are currently investigating this issue.

In order to assist us with further information, could you please provide a screenshot of the problematic building?

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