Stability issues

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online official )]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE-Conflict
Region: [ eu]
Hardware: ps4

Bug Description:

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I reconized that something with the stability is not working correctly.
Once here was a thread about something similar I think. Maybe I find it and link this here.

I have a platform of 8x8 squarefloors. Everyone has a pillar to the ground. But not everyone has 100 stability. Some of them only 20. After removing or destroying one of them sometimes other losing stability. That shouldn’t be like this becouse they have nothing to do to there stability. When I put foundations on the Plattform some of them have a lower stability than the square below. So the pillar has 100 and the square floor get 80 for example and the foundation only 40. When I build a wall on this foundation the first one is OK. The second one is invisible while placing and at the third stage I can not place any wall.

Is that something known?

Steps to Reproduce:

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I will try to get some Screenshots that shows the problem. I will also try to reproduce this offline.

I have the idea that it has something to do with the new visualisation while building. That I see the directions and colors of stability.

Then I also think the floor takes the stability of one of its horizontal neighbours. But it should take the stability of the pillar below.

Edit Screenshots:
The pillar with 100

That should be green not orange

And than it has only 80 stability

Floor 80 and the pillar 100. That shouldn’t be.

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And here the wall problem. The same happens to the pillar in front of the wall but I can not cach this on screenshot because there is no text on the pillar. The doorframe I want to place is infisible and after this I cant place any more in this

If I make a bridge like this I am able to place it but I have not the stability I excepted.

The doorframe in the middle has 0 stability.

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And here some related threads. Seems that this is an old issue.

There are more threads and some of them are over two years old. Maybe it’s not the same bug.

I can not find the thread I remember. It was few month ago.

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The only solution to build what I want was to add more pillars on different places. Normally it should work with 90 pillars under the Plattform.
But I need !450! More.
I try to build my base with only so much elements I really need. At first because of the server performance. But also because of the recourses I need. I calculate this and test it offline in my sandbox single player world. But I can’t handle it how I planed.

I think I am not alone with this and for better server performance there should be something done with this. How many unnecessary building parts are there in the exiles lands?

And I have to say that I am a fan of symmetric constructions… That drives me crazy when I have to break this because on left side it is OK and on the right not…

It’s realy hard to build now. I never had so much problems with the stability.

The wall has 100 stability the first Arena floor 80 and the second zero again.

Offline i was able to build this with 20 pillars.

But now it looks like this because of this stability thing

Got a new one.

127 stability. But the next floor is only 20. This one is on a 100 wall

Hello, thank you for your report. We’ve sent the information to our team. We’ll look into this.

We’re really sorry about the inconvenience.

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