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My building is over water. So first, i have a foundation in the water and then a pillar on top and a second one that is over the water. I then have a ceiling tile on top for some sort of plaza all around. I then have another pillar and then a ceiling tile for the floor of the building. I checked with the repair hammer and all of them have 100 stability. I then checked all the walls on each corners that are supported with a pillar. The walls on 3 side have 100 stability. On the fourth side i have a 100 on one side and 0 on the other side. Why ??? The building is rectangular at the base and i have all the ingredients for repair. So why am i having this problem? I’m using the Aquilonian building pieces for this buid.
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Perhaps one of the pillars are not connected to ground. They can be off by a couple inches. And look connected.

^hes prolly right, if not, try destroying/replacing.

Thanks for the reply.The base of the entire structure rest on foundation pieces in the water on each corner and then i have the pillars connceted to them. As mentionned in my post i checked each pieces and all of them have 100 stability except two walls on one corner with 0.

I did destroyed those wall pieces but the replacement still have 0

what about the ground connection?

All foundation pieces touch the ground in the water.My building is supported by ten pillars which are connected to the ones in the water separated by a ceiling tile. The entire structure base has 20 foundation with pillars.Why do i have 3 corners with no problems?

It’s pretty difficult to answer this problem without screenshots, are you able to take some in order to better and more accurately answer your issue?

I can take screen shots but how do i post them?

You should have an upload button in the editor’s toolbar. If not you could use an upload service such as imgur or noelshack and post the links here.

Thank you . I will try that.

You’re welcome. And if it is a bug the Funcom team will probably better understand the problem through the screenshots!

Haha well done @Zeb :smile: I love that cat!

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Here are the links.

I didn’t register at the site so i’m not sure if this works. In the first picture i’ve removed the faulty walls who when installed show 0 stability. The other side show 100. The other corners have no problems. The pillars are connected to the ones below separated by a ceiling tile. The foundations , pillars and ceillings all show 100 Stability and HP of 70,000.

It seems to be a bug indeed! Let’s poke @Hugo to have a look!

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Thank you. I play single player offline. So when i start a new session and approach the building i can see the two wall pieces fall off.I have to put new walls each session.

Lucky you not on multiplayer…

Hello @Kalisto01, thank you for reaching out and sharing the screenshots!

We’ll register this issue for the team to look into, are you getting any relevant messages on the Event Log?

Did you also try to use different building pieces and to replace the closest ones?

Thank you for your comments. I tried this to test the faulty corner. I put plain walls in place of the frame walls and put frame walls in place of the plain walls that are next to them. I then checked with the repair hammer. I now have the plain walls in the corner at zero stability and the frame walls at 60. The stability value stays the same regardless if i change the two walls in question. On three corners of the building the corner walls on top of the pillars show 100 and the faulty one show 0 on one side and 100 on the other side which is the front of the building. If i replace the walls and then go to the other platform beside this one and shut down the game, then when i re-start the game i see the two walls fall off. I checked the event log and nothing is showing. On the face of the building there is a plain wall and a frame wall on the other side. That is on both side of the building which are exactly the same. Never had this problem with any other structures i built.I have ones built with sandstone, black ice, Khitan, Yamatai and this one with Aquilonian which is where i’m having this issue and is the first one i built with this set. Thanks again.

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Well i guess so far nobody has a solution.I tried replacing those frame walls with the equivalent walls using sandstone, black ice, Khitan and Yamatai but i still get 0 stability.Today i extended the ceiling flush with the fence. I then put the same walls at their respective places. But now i have the bottom frame wall at 80 and the top one at 60. Now the bottom wall is no longer over the pillar but i get 80 stability. I include link to a picture. But i don’t think i’ll keep it that way because i don’t like the look of the building.