Aquilonian stability issue

Can somebody explain this. If you build a structure that is the same on each side which each building pieces the same, it is easy to suppose that those pieces will be the same in stability values on each sides. Apparently not so with the Aquilonian building set. I’ve built a structure with it and I have a wall with zero stability and the one on the opposite side is 100 stability. The structure is built on pillars at regular intervals. On the front I have on the corner on the right side a wall in the front and on the side a frame supported by a pillar and a ceiling tile for the floor with all of them at 100 stability. On the left side I have the wall at 0 stability and 100 for the frame and the pillar and ceiling tile again at 100.
Why do I have 0 for the wall on the left and 100 for the wall on the right? This is the second time this is happening with this building set, on another structure. Don’t have this problem with other building sets. I don’t see any reasons why this is happening. Each time I start a session I have to replace the wall that fell with a new one. The first one I did was in the Exiled land and the second in the Ilse of Siptah. So an explanation would be appreciated.
P.S. By the way I’m pretty sure this was noted before, but since we got the big update about a month ago, we cannot put a door in the doorframe in the Khitan building set. There was no problem before that, since I have structures with the door in place.


I am usueming you are playing offline wait till the new update hits may fix alot of problems.

This Aquilonian problem was present a year ago. The Khitan one is new.

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Well, i think no one has a solution. Same thing as over a year ago when i posted the same problem with the same Aquilonian set. No solution then also. I think it’s over with this set. I could understand a problem if the structure is different on each side , but when it’s the same on both sides there should not be a problem. I guess i’ll go back to my favorite building set which is the Khitan set. I hope the door problem is fixed soon.

I don’t understand this problem? I don’t have it but maybe I don’t test it right. I have the same stability with different t3 types.
Only the doorframe problem i can reproduce.
Do you have any Screenshots how you build?

I know sometimes the stability don’t refresh after building pillars or fundaments… Than I have to destroy one part and build it again or I go out of render zone. But I think that problem is from the beging there and I arranged with this

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I dismantled the pillar , roof tile, wall, and the frame . Same issue. I’ll take screenshots but i don’t remember how to post them.

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Here are two pictures to illustrate. The stability values are shown in red. For the left side a yellow arrow point to the problematic wall with a value of 0 which i have to constantly replace. The same wall piece on the right side has a value of 100. As you can see it is the same build but on each side. So why the difference?

Any suggestions, anybody?

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