Building walls adjacent to Aquilonian gates

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem:| Bug |
Region: [NA]

  • Walls built off of the sides of a gate can only face one direction when built at a right angle from the entrance.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Lay foundations
  2. Build a gate
  3. Build walls at a 90 degree angle from the gate
  4. See that you can not rotate the wall.

I found a work around by building the walls before placing the gate, but as you can see in the pic, I was forced to leave the walls on the left hand side facing inward before finding the work around.

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I might be seeing it incorrectly, but are the stairs touching/attached to the the misbehaving walls? If they are, have you tried destroying the stairs and then re-building the wall and see if it rotates? I’ve had this problem recently as well, and seemed to work after having destroyed the stairs.

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It is not the stairs unfortunately. It was built before I added stairs. I figured out the workaround when making the entry way with no stairs nearby. If the gate is in place, then you can’t rotate. Apparently the walls must be placed before the gate for them to rotate correctly.

Ah, I see. Nonetheless, I’ll keep note of your workaround for when I encounter it :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, does the problem persist if building in non-DLC pieces? Wondering if the problem is with the Aquilonian walls/gate.

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Let me check real quick.


OK, so it is the Aquilonian gate, and I discovered another problem with them as well. On vanilla gates you can build ceiling tiles out just above the doors, on the third floor. On Aquilonian you can only build out from the top (4th) floor. (the ceiling tile i show snapping is to a wall in between the gates)


That was quick :smile: thanks for checking it out! Good to know about the ceiling tiles, too.
That’s some groovy detective work, partner. :sunglasses: hope it helps narrow it down for the devs.


After further inspection, I was mistaken on the 3rd floor ceilings. they have to come from the side and can’t be started in the middle on either type.

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Must be a recent change and not as intended. These I have had for a long time and have not tried building any new gates recently.


Yes, that is how I remembered doing it on the first few iterations of my arena. Had a sneaking suspicion that some things may have changed. I find the Colosseum build is very good at finding bugs with all of the different building methods and pieces it uses. lol


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