Building pieces having 0 stability

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

I have several places in my base that are showing 0 stability when I go to place a building piece there. For instance, I have a series of Yamatai Pillars that are placed upon a Foundation, which is itself placed directly on the ground. They all show 100 Stability. When I put a ceiling piece on top of the pillar, the ceiling piece shows 0 stability rather than 100 or even 80. This is repeated at random in the base where things are getting 0 stability, even when they should have full stability. This is making it impossible for me to finish my base, not to mention costing me in materials as it will then later on, for no reason, collapse.

This is on official PvE server 3890. I’m in the Jungle just south of Buccaneer Bay.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make building pieces
  2. Attach to foundation
  3. Watch piece get 0 stability for no reason
  4. Watch piece crumble hours later.

Just checking … is the ceiling tile the same shape as the foundation?
That is square foundation -> pillar(s) -> square ceiling tile?
If yes then it is a bug.
If no, then I’ve found ceiling tiles a different shape than the foundation they are above tend to be problematic…maybe intended feature, maybe a bug.

Not sure which thread I read it on but I remember recently they said they knew about an issue with stability and pillars.

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