Losing stability

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [america]

Currently having an issue where several pieces of foundation break due to low stability, but they are place on top of blocks with high/max stability.

I’m building across the river in N6/7 and have pillars to the bottom of the river to support my structure and make sure I can build but several noticeable areas keep breaking either when the server resets or in some cases moment after I place a block.

The issue is effecting the same spots repeatedly, it doesn’t appear to move or anything, it also isn’t expanding or shrinking, I have built here before and there doesn’t appear any way that I can find that triggers the issue

I did notice though that if I place a pillar instead of a foundation the stability from below transfers fine, but if I swap back to a foundation it loses all stability again

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I mapped out the stability to better show it
Yellow dots are 100 stability
Red dots are 80 stability
Green is 60
Blue is 0 and will break on server reset
Missing block break a second or two after placing

Hello @Tytan, thank you for sharing your findings with us!

Can you confirm that the foundations missing and marked with 0 stability are only in this state when they have a foundation under them rather than a pillar?

Do the surrounding blocks have foundations beneath them as well?

Underneath them is pillars with a cieling piece on top of them to allow me to line up the blocks like so

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