0 Stability From Foundation, causing base to break by itself

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US East]

Alright. So, this is day 2 of this bug. I’m not sure what is causing it. Bug within the building material, the spot, laggy server, or what.

But as stated, in the title. I’m trying to build a base, and the bottom foundations all have 100% stability… go up a wall… 0% okay… well maybe it’s a glitch… destroy the bottom foundation and place it again… go one up again… 0% stability. Here are some examples.

The sandstone foundation was placed just to show the bug. But mainly due to the fact I don’t like losing foundations for no reason :wink: not sure what the issue is. But it’s halting my building progress on official, and at any point someone could exploit it. Any info on it would be appreciated.

Oh forgot to mention. The pieces that are of 0% stability, I can leave the area and come back and they’ll still be there. But when server resets, they disappear on their own.

Are you by chance near Sinners refuge? People will need your map location. I play on 3 server’s building southeast of Sinners refuge with in sight of the cave and we have had some similar problems.

Have had this bug as well happen more and more recently. PS4 Private server, placing has become wonky on one of the east islands giving 0 stability bug more often than not.


Building on that broken bridge just north of deserters gutter,

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Seems this is worse since last update. @Hugo any suggestions here.

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As far as a solution, only thing I’ve been able to come up with, is if it happens~ you gotta wait till server reset, dismantle the entire base(meaning whatever is below it) and move forward from there. Outside of that, I’ve tried everything I know of, to work around the issue.

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