Stability unreliable / broken

I logged in today to find 2 of my alt bases and part of another where completely gone.

it wasn’t like a normal decay however…

As I walked up to them they vanished and all my loot dropped from storage’s to the ground. It reminds me when the random pieces lose stability after server restart and break when you go near them.

This is a huge bug and I dont know how to recreate it. I visit all my bases every 2 days so this was not a timer issue.

looking at the event logs (I failed to do that first somehow)…

EVERYTHING lost stability. These where structures that stood for months and where all on flat land no pillars. Even map rooms that where on bare ground lost stability.

If you need more details like server number/time let me know.

Just a update when support reads this.

This issue looks to have affected other clans on my server as well it was not a isolated incident. It happened in multiple bio-domes with all variation of foundations.

is it a private server?

Hello @SindeeSyringe, thank you for getting in touch!

Could you please share further details on this issue, including screenshots of the affected buildings, the type of building pieces that disappeared, screenshots of the event log and server type?

no its an official server

I do not have screen shots of the base(s) and during them being destroyed I was in shock and awe and didn’t think to take a screenshot. I do however have the error reports. I might start recording all my sessions.

This happen on PvE:C #3522 — time unknown check error screenshots

Desert Base
Location: Next to sinkhole
Main Foundations (Yamatai) Small base about 10x10

Frost Base
Location: 14D (Directly above The Temple of Frost)
Main Foundations (Black Ice) Medium base about 100x75

In reference to my desert base.
The screenshots below you will see the sandstone area is where the map room lost stability (I rebuild it) It was originally Yamatai foundation it was also all connected to the main base. Again if this was a timer issue the whole base would be gone. Notice all foundations (not sure how this loses stability)

Thank you for the screenshots, we’ve relayed this information to our team.

Should you also be able to provide stability values for any rebuilt building pieces that have been lost, as well as details on how they are being supported ( foundation, ceilling, pillar ), it will undoubtedly be helpful.

yea i built a badazz offline base all around the top of the volcano obelisk like that and found it very picky and buggy in places that way you describe. it prolly has to do w the spawn points.

also, not cool building on and blocking landmarks of an official server like that. can ppl even get in there? do they gotta run a mile around it? 8P i guess it must not be against the rules since im the only one bringin it up. isnt that keeping the undead hyenas from spawning? just walking by somethin so big like that causes so much lag for me, i might crash if theres too much goin on. they never gave us a hard limit of how big we can build, but by testing (on private servers w big gather rates) ive found that size is about where enemies start the leet lag switchin on my lil internet and old ps. D8>

Not to get off topic because there following this thread but no its not blocked there is an entrance to get in and out. The whole base is actually a publicly open night club (Club Glory Hole) with “adult dancers” :sweat_smile:

The new Debaucheries of Derketo DLC is going to fit right in once I remodel it.

check it out if your ever on #3522 no minors allowed lol

lol right on, i did that at a big waterfall, it was da teats XD

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