Bug: Lost stability - whole base gone

Just logged on after a few days. All connected building parts of one half of my base are gone, log says lost stability. Lots of floating objects I’ll have to ask the admins to remove as I can’t reach them. Days of work lost. Never had an issue like this before.

Unofficial PVE, building decay off.

Playing on PS5

I can’t reproduce as I would have to rebuild the base to test it.

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Welcome to the Forum . Sorry for the loss of your building. There is not much that Funcom can do since you are playing on a private server. I have not had decay turned off on my server for years but if I remember correctly you should not loose stability when it is turned off. You need to check with your administrator for sure.

I have the same problem. My whole City is gone because of this Bug and the decay timer is diabled, too. Even an old backup doesn’t help to restore the City. If I reach my base, everything is destroyed because of lost stability. I hopefully wait for a fix so I can restore the Backup again. But till this fix i’ll don’t play this game anymore. It Was so much work to built this City. :sleepy:

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