Bases gone after flagging someone else

Can someone explain to me why after putting in complaint about another player that causes me to have my bases decay about the same time i get an email saying the issue was resolved by funcom. Feels like I’m getting punished for haveing an issue with someone else.

Hi, did your bases go into decay state or were they deleted by an admin?

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Event log says lost stability even though between me and my clan mate someone was logging in at least every day.

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It’s a known issue and one I am not sure is resolved because I do keep seeing new topics posted about it.

Being that they decayed it would not appear to be related to the Zendesk investigation.


Has the server rebooted since you saw that happen? If it hasn’t rebooted yet, check after the reboot to see if you’ve been banned. If you were banned, check through Zendesk to see why. If you haven’t been banned, then it’s possibly a bug.

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First im on xbox. Second if that’s the case then they need to fix it. This is the second time ive basically lost hundreds of hours worth of work.

@CodeMage has it right.

I don’t thing that if it is the bug the console makes a difference though, seems it’s happening to everyone.

Not banned. And cant tell when server reset since log is nothing but ehat lost stability

That’s what I was saying: check if there has been at least one server reboot after your buildings lost stability. The reason I’m saying that is that the servers read the ban list on reboot. Therefore, the ban doesn’t go into effect immediately.

If you can’t see the server reboot in the log after the stability events, then either your log filter is not set to include server events, or the server hasn’t rebooted yet.

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Server did reset after i lost everything thing.

well, this is one way to resolve the issue :rofl: sorry but I couldn’t help it


Possibly related to this: I upgraded my T1 Nest of Zath to T2 Web of Zath, and as soon as it completed the upgrade, it lost stability despite being built directly on the ground and POOF it disappeared, along with all my hopes and dreams.

Edit: I’m also on Xbox One


That’s both dreadful and potentially unrelated, please consider poasting a new Bug Report.

Just let this side out more often and you’ll be a superstar. Wicked funny. :rofl:

Please continue being so patient as we work through this. Whenever these sorts of things spring up, we should be watchful as they have been early warning signs of problems. Don’t take the humor as dismissive. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip. Bug report listed here: Bug: Possible Stability Issue - Xbox Discussion / Xbox Bug Reports - Funcom Forums


Update to issue. Clan has been banned from playing all official servers. Fml


Interesting, same happened to me 3 times and ithought it always was a coincidence. But a couple of days after I reported someone, I got decayed and banned

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Exactly what happened to me.

I wonder if this is their answer to “report-abuse”? With all the complaints here about using reports as a weapon, maybe they have begun banning both parties? Especially if the reporter or the reporter’s clan, has filed more than one report… ~=shrug=~

That would be just the kind of blanket solution I would expect from FC TBH…

“Extremely small” and “tiny” have been words used by the @ community to describe the group handling these issues. When such small groups are tasked with handling large volumes of problems blanket solutions are often deployed.

I dunno, just thinking out loud…


valid point, but when it happened to me it was the 2nd report in 3 years I ever wrote. But as I said earlier, there wer mass reportings going on on that server, so I think it’s overlap :slight_smile:
Especially as none of the ban reasons stated report abuse


Has there ever been a ban that reported “report abuse”?