Conan ps4 Decaying base

Base on 4030 decayed for no reason nothing was blocked or anything.
Clan Survivor’s was on last Tuesday decay should be still good base gone

The information you filled out should now be listed below. :point_down:
Please copy this info and paste it into a new report. Thank you!

Did you check the event log?

Lost Stability is decayed, anything with Admin is a ban.

Always check your base with a repair hammer, especially on old gen.


It was check.last Tuesday afternoon everything was good then loged on gone two players got banned for no reason they where not blocking or spamming anything

Is this a pvp, pve, or pve-c server? Admin won’t reply here, especially if it’s a temporary suspension, but we can possibly deduce a reason based upon the server type. It’s a well known fact that (some) players on pvp servers submit false reports (not definitive reasoning, but not unlikely either). If it’s PvE, that’s a little tougher to nail down a reason and requires a bit of self examination. Sometimes, based upon our own understanding of the rules, we don’t always see the purpose. When this happens, it can often take a bit of devils advocate to figure out what another a player and Funcom saw in your build, behavior, etc.

Pve official

All they been doing is send rules to the to player its like they know the rules of game they did everything right they got suspension for 7 days for no reason .

Ok, so yeah… you need to consider what violations may have occurred. Was only part of the clan suspended/banned? If so, it could be more likely behavioral rather than building violations. I know a clan that got banned and wiped due to naming pets with racial slurs and inappropriate comments on signs and stuff. This was maybe like 6 months ago. One of them, a young woman who was their main builder, came back. Unfortunately, her bf and their clanmate did not. She was not the one naming or labeling anything, which may have been why she was released from suspension while they weren’t. It’s entirely possible the individuals in your clan that were banned suffered a similar consequence and were reported for behavior or something. You need to speak to them about it, because let’s face it, no one EVER does anything wrong. :roll_eyes: You might need to really poke and prod the situation, especially if you aren’t banned. There’s obviously a reason why only a couple people suffered suspension.

EDIT: seeing your second reply, if they were messaging another player about rules, they could have been reported for harassment or something. Not that it’s a good reason, but maybe? Or maybe they were more aggressive about it than they’re leading on.

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Definitely was not for behavior issues or racism thrail names. They said abuse of claim system to pervent access to resources or building spot witch none of they above has happened

I would like to try to get get this to head people because this is wrong.

Ok, so it was indeed stated as land claim? But only the two of them were of them were suspended?

Yeah but was normal buildings nothing foundations spread all the way aross the map it was a medium base and a another medium base the a small house some must have wanted that spot and reported them when they where on

Any bridges, walls a bit too far away from the building? Maybe a couple of braziers or torches away from the building? It seems weird that only two people were suspended. Usually it’s the entire clan for land claim violations. Honestly, were I you, I’d make an alt character account if possible, or have a friend not in the clan, take over leadership. It could be a delayed response and you’ll find yourself suspended in the next server restart. You could end up losing your thralls or other stuff not deleted.

Nope everything was nice build to rules and they took building down and with no answer of what was the issue

Ok… yeah… I can’t say. Seems very sus… I can’t say since I can’t see it, but we’ll just have to take your claims at face value. Regardless, I’d have a contingency plan in the event you too get a delayed suspension. Add another player to your clan to hold anything you have left, because thralls will likely disappear. They don’t even need to be the leader. Just an active player to log in.

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