Buildings/base vanishes

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc | Vanishing Building]

I’ve been building in the offline mode and having fun. Then when I log back in after being gone for maybe 2-3 hours, and I watch as my base/castle disappears as if it fades into another realm. It just vanishes. Everything is gone except for some planters and some other small stuff. This now has happened twice and I’m confused on why.
I’ve read about the decay system, but I don’t believe it’s part of the problem because in both cases I had been building daily for 2+ weeks and had no problems until the most recent update (which may just be coincidental).
The event log says the building pieces lost stability and the loot bags decayed. I understand how stability works in the game, but the foundation blocks on the ground have 100% stability. What is going on and what should I do? Or should I not even worry about building in the game anymore?

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I’ve had this same issue. Spent days on this build and after an update a while ago it was just gone. I would attach pictures but new users apparently can’t do that. The foundation and all the set dressings are gone. Just the people and creatures I placed are still there but some are “floating” as if my buildings and materials were still there. PLEASE help, this one of my favorite builds

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I also lost three bases due to this on coop. All bases were 9k foundation blocks alone being built in water.

You said that you’ve been reading about the stability loss issue and you don’t think is your issue. But, if in the event log says that the pieces went down because stability, then you have the stability loss issue.
That’s the link to the post:
Random stability loss after 19.05.patch
We’ve received answers from the company on the post, I recommend yo check it out and add all information you can.

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