Disappearing base on reloading game

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]
Region: [Devil’s Squat]

[So I was playing single player mode offline for 4 days. I played it everyday. One day I said I was going to take a break 2 hours later I log back on and my whole base just disappeared. I was left with only 3 doors until they lost stability. I checked the log and the only thing that it said was the last few things I did and 3 doors lost stability. Where did my base go and why? Can someone help me?]

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Hello @JamikeGalen, could you please share further information of what you had built, including the type of building pieces used and the way it was setup? Had you checked any pieces before the event occurred with a repair hammer?

@Hugo I was building a base full of foundation blocks the yamatai and black ice. A possible 50x50 block square and 9 blocks high. Yes I have checked for the stability and everything was 100. I was only left with a wheel of pain and a vault that was on the the ground floor. All blocks and walls were completely gone no log of the event.

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