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I’ve been building bases in offline for a while now. I’ve been experimenting with larger bases and more intricate designs. Unfortunately it seems that once they get to a certain size (no where near the biggest bases I’ve seen) that the game deletes them. I’ll log in and the only things left will be torches floating in midair, or elevators. I don’t know what is causing this issue, but its very disheartening to see my hard work disappearing so quickly.

Does anyone have any info on why this may be happening?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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So on single player the console must load everything where as the mmo has a server that handle some of the load about 2.5 to 3 x more power

Ok so now the reason when building even on mmo there is still a limit but there is a lot of different factors such as animation from lights, thralls, wheels of pain, thus adding up also placeables take a mass amount of power examples 1 foundation is three meters wide now when walking towards the one it loads fast now spanning out as you hit three meters another block loads not times that in a area that you place with loading distance it gets more difficult to load so now go up or down x more blocks thus takes a second next

Replace that block with a cups the size of it uuu about a 100 cups per block placed now do that for 10 blocks for the three meters now in a couple seconds of walking towards them your game goes from loading 10 items to 1000 hope you see where that makes since

Next armors in the game have different usage for instance aquilan dlc infantry armor waist compared to theif armor waist now which has more parts moving thus which would cause more load as animated cause more load

So I hope that helps now you will ask the limits and that is unknown as different biomes and foliage and npcs can cause lower or higher power thus it’s a try and see

Some tips to help slow but not stop it from happening do not use admin teleport causes mass load bad idea also remember it’s not about what you build but how you build that alone can increase your load also reduce building damage by 0.5 to help with its hp so purge can’t break through as easy and you don’t need as much building for defense meaning better load across the board

Funcom is alway opptimising to help with load too now the stuff I said take a majority of the main problem but also during purge lots of dead bodies equally increases load that includes npc big camps/capital

It won’t stop the problem but you can have none as time goes on and you become familiar with the load

Also always check you event log as it can tell you what happens this is considered stability lose units mind FYI

Hope this info helps but your stuff is lost but waiiit we have the admin panel
Halllllllelujah Hallelujah hallelujah hallleeeelujahhhhhhh

  1. Ignore above answer (the not loading issue is just on online, it doesn’t happen on offline among other things)
  2. Check the server log to see if it was a random stability loss that make the hold structure to come down. If that’s the situation come to join to the main post:
    Random stability loss after 19.05.patch and don’t let the post die.
    Keep up and good luck

There was a simular issue on my pve server, 3510us, i happen to be the biggest clan on server,dindt have issues ever ,with building dissapearing. Now for your issue, there was a guy, BuildMonger,he had build massive structures of all kind,great work from him, the only thing,he was avoing purges every time,hes purge meter was always full ,and when he went away for a few days,purge meter down,when he logged back in,purge meter full straight away. Hes structures just start dissapearing and eventually he left, now not sure if this is happening to you,for same reason, me my self ,i love purges!


This has been happening since day one of single player and devs also say some of this will cause that so he needs to ignore you this is a fact on single player the system is very taxing online not so much but it does have limits but the devs will ban people who build to much causes server load excessively and most can’t log in I have talked to them about this before years ago so I’m right when game loads if there is to much to load it will not load correctly say pillars did not load thus stability was not there then it try’s to recalculate then more load and more mess up so yeah I had mine disappeared too but once all was learned never had it again

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It’s also a roll of the dice I should add too but I find it funny I’m wrong yet never lost my stuff once I learned the problem limits as always but it takes time to learn it all still all stuff here thought

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If you love purge a lot like me get on single and build a good size easy to defend and in a high teir area and then set purge meter to min and it is endless lol kill all enemy and it fills


But my offline base is a tiny one, I didn’t expand it as I wish because when random pieces started to fall I just give up, if you follow my above link you’ll see pictures of my base and you’ll see is a little thing perfectly loadable

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The point is ,i like to meet new people ,been playing since day one, had a small break,back at it some time now, have met and helped many many new players, had some thoughts about private server,isnt boring?

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Hi @SteelCityViking, welcome to the forums, our team is actively looking into this issue, apologies for the frustration.


Sorry but pictures are all blurry on this device thus I can’t see but like I said no promise it will stop it but it helps in the long run the size makes different but it really depends the thing I point out it will not be perfect chance but it will help also this is effected by how much you build in world together but each area and build is different thus there is no way to be spot on in causes what I said helps in the long run but this stuff has been taken into account a lot but then there is make model of your device and lots of other factors to the point I can not be certain same with devs I wish I had right answers but there is only so much you can do but like I said it’s on gonna stop base from bye bye but it can help especially on big and filled base which I don’t do much of depending :joy:

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So I got your pic on another device what your getting is a bug now base all gone except for light and other placeables is not so much that is a load issue just losing a peice or two figuratively is a bug placeables load different to building pieces which in will stay for unknown time so you’re problem is a bug this post is not for yours there is no way to help but my first post here please keep that in mind when you get a lot of stuff built so it all does not disappear which I hope no but just keep it in mind

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