Entire bases dissappearing

I got this game about a month ago on playstation. Bought a bunch of dlc for it and now im realizing what a huge mistake that was. Ive built 3 epic bases in singleplayer offline. 2 turanian and 1 stormglass. All 3 have completely disappeared a few days after building them. The bases are gone, but alot of my placeables and thralls are floating in the air where the bases used to be. Its the same every time, i log off at night and everything is fine, then i log back in the next day and my character is falling from the sky because the base he was standing in is gone. The event log has nothing listed in it so it wasnt a stability issue. This is unacceptable, if i cant even build a base what exactly is the point of the game?

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My friend that happened to me with my base at single player on March 2022. This issue is a bug that rarely happens in single player.

So do not worry. To combat this problem here are few ways.

Every time you finish your business in single player. Back up your save on the cloud (psn, Xbox , pc).

Avoid from swapping from from offline to online and from online to offline immediately. Instead exit to the main menu and pick the mode you want to go after starting the game while you are in main menu.

Use the admin panel to get what you want to restore.

In the settings do you have it so theres no decay time on structures? Its Probably not the issue anyway just a suggestion

same since the start of the age of sorcery the game has gone down hill at first it was things in the game not rendering like the bar conan hangs out in to enemy’s not rendering/being invisible i have a list of things in a bug thread here Since the age of war update so far this is the list of things that are now invisible :disappointed: and i could work around that but since the age of war a lot of people playing the game can not even build without the fear of it all just disappearing online or offline like me i lost base i was working on for a few years offline and a base i was playing with on a PvE-C server and that was the last straw it is not fun logging in to see what you have been building on for years just go poof and having 2X or 3X hell 500X farming boosters is not going to fix it if i were you i would be trying to get a refund this game is not worth the bs that is going on right now.

This bug I mentioned that made my base in offline mode to vanish occurs in single player but in rare times.

But here’s something that might make you laugh hard. Guy which I no longer have ties of friendship with said back on March 2022 that the issue occurred due to that I don’t have set my console to auto upload game saves at the cloud of psn.

Recently thanks to a friend from here in the community and following up from the reply of an other person who responded to my post about the option of turning off the stability multiplier , I discovered that there is a stability loss bug that rarely happens in single player and psn’s cloud has nothing to do with the dissappear of my castle.

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