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[Free text] My base i have been building for 3 days on offline and co-op mode with my buddy has disappeared on my Ps4. I recently re-downloaded the game and also bought the Argos dlc and Blood and Sand dlc. I decide to start building a large Mount Olympus style base with the Argos building selections. I was on this morning and logged of properly as I normally do. I even make sure that all the admin command settings are off and back to normal before even logging off. I decide to jump back on this evening and literally watched my base slowly chunk by chunk disappear. I’ve spent over 20 hours the last 3 days putting in every little detailed think I could think of while building a mythological Greek style base. I feel defeated right now. I’m in a offline single player game I just don’t understand. Online I would completely understand. Is there a bug due to one of the dlc’s? Is anyone else having this same issue? Pleaaase help I honestly do not want to start another build to just have it disappear.

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i have been having major stability issues like the recently closed thread -
Stability bug 0 stability

ive been playin this since the week before it was free (so dont question my knowledge of the mechanic lol) and sp is acting very buggy compared to usual.

some of the time i cant place anything in certain areas bc it doesnt transfer stability. itll read 0 and either fall apart or still hang in mid air after everything else is gone. this is very frustrating, sp needs some tlc. this is why i went online last year. >8[

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yeah I’ve owned the game as well since release. I really didn’t play it long enough then to come across bugs and issues like this. I think I only played for a week then newer games came out that I had pre ordered. Anyway I’ve done a bit of reading and understand that this game has had bugs and issues like this for a couple years now. I also read that the Arena dlc is a partial reason to bases disappearing but no idea how solid that claim is. But I also didn’t have this issue until I bought that dlc. I know games of this size and design will always have issues. Just hard to bite the bullet on the fact of spending money on something that doesn’t work or ruins the game. I did uninstal and reinstall the game in hoping I could remove or not download the dlc back into the game on my ps4 but that didn’t work out. I did start a new co-op world and starting a new build with original structure items. Also had a issue with this build. A section of my four story wall gets destroyed upon logging into my world. And a few sections of fence disappear as well. So I had to redesign my base around this. I will honestly say though that if this mass loss and disappearance of my base again will end up with me getting rid of this game fully and never turning back. Too many games like this have so much potential to be great games but I feel the devs and teams fail to focus on what’s important or they stretch themselves to thin. And it always has a poor outcome of people not playing these games.

Hi @ArtistOfPain, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out!

We’ve forwarded the information you’ve shared to our team, we’re currently aware of the issue and it’s being looked into.

Did you check your Event Log for any relevant messages?

If you have PS+, did you try to load a backup from the PSN cloud?

As a preventive measure, we’d also suggest performing periodic backups of your save files to a pendrive.

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