Complete base dissapearing

I have now lost 3 bases on 3 occasions after spending many hours building, I have the stability setting at 0 .When I check event log it says bedroll has lost stability along with a few building parts gate door,gate frame and it says foundation destroyed. I never knew bedroll could lose stability? Everything like thralls wheel of pain is just floating in the air. Please any help with this,as I love this game but to keep losi g everything and having to start again every week is soul destroying

Oh and by the way im playing single player mode pve thanks

Greetings Exile,

If you have PS Plus, you may try and check your cloud saves to see if there are any recent saves you can download to get your base back.

Highlight the game and push the Options button.

In the future, we’d advise ensuring that you save and backup your single-player data frequently to the cloud or to an external storage device, to mitigate losses that may occur due to saving database corruption.

We hope this helps! Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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This issue has never happened before, It has now happened on 3 separate occasions after your update. So why is your response for me to back up games instead of you as a company taking responsibility and fixing your flawed game or at least, try to find the cause of this problem. I was planning to buy the rest of the dlc and battlepass for this game but until your bugs are dealt with, I am afraid that will now not happen. #Very sad customer

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GOt the same issue bro, rip

From talking to other players, it seems to be the dlc content, I was using the Argossean building pieces I will try the black ice in game next but it puts you off buying anything else if this is the case

Well i dont think so, for me mostly look like stability bug\server desync… or maybe, base was wiped because of some shady land claiming rules…
My base was made of regular T2-T3.

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