Offline | base disappeared | “lost stability”

I have been logging in & logging off for two days perfectly fine and now I logged back in offline and my entire base disappeared , how!?

Does this mean I have to start over my entire hogwarts castle ?

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Probably it’s not that, but just to be sure …
You’ve been using Nemedian Foundations for your base ?

Because if so, they used to have a bug that caused similar problems.

PS: Sorry for your base. That sucks.

Only the cap , my whole base is majority stormglass / alittle arena

Everything was on stormglass foundation

I see, I see.
Nemedian Foundations bug should have been solved as well, but it was worth to give a try,

I don’t know what else could have happened.
Maybe give us some info about what was it like ? Where did you built it, if you used some special building technique (you know, the ones shown on youtube that exploit bugs) etc …

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@AshLovely . Remember to update your bed before logging off it is supposed to force a save. This is what I have read from offline players. Welcome to the Forum and best of luck to you

Uhm what lol since when the past couple of days the offline build was fine . Lol :joy: it happened today the entire castle disappeared

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Sorry to hear about that. If you rebuild can you upload saves in case of a problem.? Consoles act as a server putting more load over playing on line.

How do I upload saves ?

good news is you can use admin commands in single player, so you should be able to rebuild your base in 1-2 days.

What u meaaaan

I was admin offline but like building the hogwarts castle was a lot of work I did n for that bs to happened makes me not want to rebuild

There are commands, cheats if you like, that will make add resources/thralls directly in your inventory.

Check Infinite Building Items particoularly.

I’m still mad like if it loss stability why didn’t it just break where it loss stability why wipe the whole base I don’t trust Conan to build that big again n worried that it’ll go down again like before I built I made sure stability was 0.0. So I don’t understand why the base matter size matter for it to be wiped , I feel like I should have just built online then they definitely need to work on offline bugs like that . I truly don’t have the energy to redo the whole thing again

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Welcome to the forum. I don’t know how you can retrieve old saves but @Kazalakis knows. I hope he’ll be able to help you my fellow exile.
I am really sorry you go through this, it happened to me in the past and i know the feeling :confused:.
Good luck.

@AshLovely Hello and welcome to the Conan Exiles forums.
If you have a playstation plus subscription, all you have to do is download the conan exile saves from the playstation cloud.

In the menu of your ps4/ps5 click on conan exile then > option > upload.

make sure you save all your game sessions on the playstation cloud

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I don’t think it matters now since my entire base ? Disappeared ?

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NEW nemedian foundations are solved, correct. Old foundations, nope.

I found this out when I ported to a Transportory stone and there was nothing there.

It had been Nemdian and logs show it lost stability when I ported in.

Fun times.

I think it matters, cause if that happened to you, it could happen to other people as well.
Also being you in Offlile (Single Player) mode you can use Admin Cheats to rebuild everything in a few days.

Just make sure to understand what happened, or it could happen again.

Even being admin I’m still putting my time n effort I was really dedicating 3 weeks of my vacation time for Conan to build n I can’t do that anymore I wasted 3 days that’ can’t get back because it disappearing now just imagine if I was complete n done building decorating all of it n the next day disappears I would have wasted weeks , so it’s all good I take my booty to another building game .