Buildings disappeared for no reason

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Good day ,

I faced a very huge problem while playing conan exiles 2 days ago. i need ur help.I always play single player/Co-op . That day i closed the game as usual & when i reopened it I found that my base disappeared .Thralls in the air .All resources in the house r put in bags .I was building elevators from north to south to east to west all over the exiles land besides about 4 shelter houses.I found that most of that disappeared & i was only left with my main house which i built at the very beginning when i started playing the game & a few pillars & elevators while everything else vanished . What the hell is that??? Please i need ur assistant since this destroyed the efforts of a whole year building ways through the whole exiled lands depending on elevators & pillars(sandstone) .All this is gone now as if i am starting from the very beginning .I also checked about the decay system & I think I am disabling it so I don’t find any logic reason for this sudden thing . Kindly assist .

Ok so again here we go lol it’s not you I’ve made this explain many times. So when you play in single player it’s very different that a online server in terms of load when on a server the console and the server share the load of the game making it able to handle large builds that also includes placeables cups bowls decor etc etc but when on single player the console has to load everything in game making it work
Hardest but the thing that kills it most is placeables example a foundation is 3 meters wide and 5 deep so you run at that and for every 3 meters you load the next foundations now replace it with about 50+ cups which makes it size give or take now your game goes from loading 1 item to 50+ and make it every 3 meters forward sideways diagonal and in a few seconds it’s load 500 cups instead of 10 foundations when you hit the limit you system can take it starts to have load problems but as there is nothing attached to you items that were in you base they will lose stability and all will be lost. Now I’m sure you’re going to ask for the limits but it 100% depends on where you build what’s have to be loaded by your build such as npcs weather effect etc but most importantly it’s not what you build that hurts the load it’s the way you build so it is a test and see to find the limits but try to go into administrative panel and use it to spawn and test areas you want to build in I know it sucks to cheat but it will help you learn what your console can hold on its limits but your stuff is most likely gone sorry friend

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Thanx for ur reply … So when i play solo my console acts as the server , if in the settings of the game I unchecked the box “Can damage player owned structures” …will that prevent the Console from deleting my buildings from the game?

No it’s a load issue as in the game can not handle it thus you should build with in reason as there is no players to destroy you and you can alter the purge settings meaning it would help with defense also in those settings there should be a building damage multiplying put it to 0.5 and you won’t need the extra defense but the consoles and pc can only handle so much before you star to have those problems but look for signs such as a rug you place down and it’s textures are taking more than 10 seconds to load and it looks all fuzzy when lots of stuff starts doing that load is going to be affected so just test and see

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Is there a way i make a backup of my progress.The game is unplayable this way.U can’t imagine the effort I did in building for a whole year making my own world in the exiled lands & this 90% of the buildings suddenly are gone & i play as if i am starting from the very beginning.There should be a reason to restore back my buildings.Going back in time or anything



Thanks I knew you could on ps4 but I have Xbox

Shouldn’t you be able to do something extremely similar on Xbox though? I don’t believe for a second that an Xbox doesn’t accept USB sticks, or that it doesn’t have a cloud thing.

Ever since I keep hearing about people losing their buildings, I am now always regularly backing up my Conan saves. I do it every two days, so that leaves room in between a potential need to backup caused by whatever irreversible atrocity may have happened, and at least four to six hours before, so that I don’t backup too close to a potential problem. (in which backing up would make no difference)

Also right now the decorating is a little broken. Unless it suits you how it works, I would hold off on placing things like cups and candles everywhere because it does not work properly. That, I heard was to be addressed in the Followers II patch but I do not see anything about it in the details.

There is a way on ps4 to do it interaly if i was told right but yes u need a usb for xbox but it must meet certain spec or it wont work

It has been released they said so

Can any one please advice the steps for backing up the game on ps4?& what format do i need for USB

@Alhambra could you help @moody with steps to back up ps4 never done it my self thanks ahead of time.

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@Gloatingtomb6 I guess I missed it in the thread then, but good news! :smiley:

@moody I am not a pro at this at all, but here is how I do it, get a USB flash drive stick, both mine have 4gb and 8gb of space on them. Plug that in a USB port, like where the controllers go. Now your PS4 needs to recognize your stick so, go to settings, then devices, then finally USB storage devices. Select your stick then press on format, and it will be ready for use. Just remember that if there is data on that stick already, after formatting it on PS4 it will erase the data that is there.
I know you can format your sticks through a PC instead of ps4 so that they become PS4 ready, but I do not know how. It is easy enough through the console anyway.

To copy data on your stick, go to settings, then save data management, select saved data in system storage, then copy to USB storage device. Select whatever files you wish to back up. It will ask if you’re sure. The only thing I don’t know how to do is to duplicate the same data on one stick. It always wants to copy over it, exactly like a video game that has only one save slot. But for Conan that does not matter as you can only have one character anyway.

If something messes up and you need your file from the stick, do the opposite. Settings, data management, save data on USB storage device and copy to system storage.

If you are a member of PS+ it gives you free room in cloud. I never use it but it is supposed to be as easy as an external device like the flash drive sticks.


Hello @moody, welcome to the community and thank you for reaching out!

Could you please check your Event Log for any information relevant to the lost buildings? Be sure to set the days passed and proximity values to maximum before submitting a search.

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Thanx a lot for this information

@Hugo . i checked , & put it to maximum but gave me no information about the Stone blocks . my buildings was based on stone blocks & elevators ,i was using this as means of transportation from one place to another . So imagine u build all the way from east to west of the map & all the way through the jungle until reaching to witch queen , then suddenly one day i opened & all that vanished … very disappointing . i even built a house in the jungle with beautiful view but also is gone

I noticed when i build near resources or characters they disappear automatic . Do u know where in settings can i stop that noting that i play single player

Buenisimo que lo arreglen una ves perdi una parte de mi base por eso

So to point out even if you backup your save what ever cause it all to disappear will turn around and still do it but it’s mostly load issues for instance let’s see if anyone done it if you go to the dreges and go to the water and stand in it and just stay there after a bit you will get a surprise but it take a few and you will see how bad load can be on single player just carry poison antidote :smiling_imp::japanese_ogre::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: your all going to die down here

I am not sure what you mean.