Yet another entire base dissapeared

Ps5 single player. This is the 6th time in the last 2 months my entire base dissapeared. Building decay is turned off so its not a decay issue. And the server log is empty as well so nothing lost stability. Offline single player is broken. Doesnt make any difference what building set is used. Ive lost 2 turanian, 3 stormglass and one khitan base. Im tired of logging in to find my thralls and placeables floating in the air where my base used to be. Think im done with this game. Nothing ever gets fixed and the updates just make it worse.


Unfortunately it’s true fellow exile :confused:. After the last hotfix update i can play online but i cannot play on single player. It shows a message after playing awhile that my library has issues. I downloaded and deleted the game 3 times now.
So this must not be the case!

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The question is, how many elements did your base consist of?
I have experienced the very same thing (my guess is around 100k elements in my base), which had me lose the entire base after 6 hours or so of work. Hopefully I’ve had an intact save in the cloud so I could restore from there.
Then I restarted from the last stable spot, placed a few more elements, quit the game, restarted, and if that turned out to be still intact, backed up to the cloud. Rinse and repeat until it finally broke. Of course, auto-backup is disabled for Conan Exiles and extending the base is postponed until a fix is available.

The report is already out and being processed, with some considerations about possible causes. It seems to be either a problem with the save file (insufficient space for accommodating gargantuan bases, especially if the storage area is fixed), or it already happens in-memory (possible insufficient boundary checks on a fixed-size storage area) and data being overwritten. I’d suspect the latter, because when I exceeded the available memory for the base by a significant amount of elements (I had been very close to the limit when starting and, after six hours of building, obviously exceeded the limit by a significant amount), the camera glitched on me. Quitting and restarting didn’t really help, and although the camera had returned to normal, the entire base was gone.

My bet is that to prevent this in the future, the storage area for the base needs to be made dynamic instead of static (realloc if necessary, either if the capacity of the currently allocated block of memory is exceeded or if the number of elements drops significantly). Same thing with the save by providing a field that indicates the number of elements and the storage area for these blocks being of variable size (plus variable offsets of any subsequent data fields).
Sure, fixed-size elements are easier and faster to process, but they are also significantly less flexible.
On the other hand dynamic allocations provide for much more flexibility, and if done right, are much more resistant to errors.

My Base was maybe 300 pieces… handful of thralls and pets… and its gone.
the small set of foundations and Wheel of pain… poof.

So many of these Updates just break peoples work… Not even a size issue. Just broken Updates.

I had little under 10k in building elements. If there is a limit to how large we can build it needs to be put out there for people to know. Considering the advertisements for this game saying you can " build your own cities" i find it highly dissapointing that i cant even build 1 medium/large single building. Especially since im playing in an offline single player mode

As I’ve said, they know about the problem and are at it.
The problem with such a large project is finding the source file that is actually introducing the problem, not the one that’s reacting to it.

Where is it posted saying that they are aware of the issue and working on a fix? Still doesnt inspire confidence. They are aware of and trying to fix ALOT of issues, most of which have been in the game for years. The lack of communication from this dev team is ridiculous. The “fixes” they implement do more damage than good because they arent tested properly. Nemedian foundations are a prime example. They implemented an untested fix that deleted years of progress for alot of players, and their pitiful response was to implement a farming booster event that didnt work as intended either. ( you literally had to use up all of your existing multipliers to get to the boosted multipliers).

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