Everything disappeared again

Single player, offline mode, PS4

This is the second time in 3 weeks the stuff I built just vanishes. I turn the game on to see placeables floating in the air (see picture) and slowly disappearing as I walk towards them, leaving tiny little loot bags.

No it’s not stability, or decay, or an update. Between the bugs that only affect console, and this, it’s obvious that Funcom doesn’t care about its console players. Still haven’t heard from Funcom from the last time this happened

This is ridiculous. Thanks for taking my money and leaving me with nothing but a sour taste in my mouth.

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I had a base completely disappear on a official pve server. Today. Not decay, not purged, just poof gone log states everything lost stability and all the thralls that were there are gone as well.

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I’ve had the same thing 5 times, seems to be a limit to offline building. I rebuild smaller each time and hope, one day, I can finish a build.


If this ever happens again immediately quit to dashboard.

Then go to;


Settings Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage> Download to System Storage > Conan Exiles> Single Player/ Coop Game Data


Settings > Games/ Apps & Saved Data > Saved Data PS4 > Cloud Storage > Download to system Storage > Conan Exiles

You should have a slightly older backup saved to the cloud.

Hope that helps!


@LordKAA , I wish I new that too. Once I lost a really big building in single player, for ps4 update. I will ask from my daughter to screenshot these directions so I will know what to do when, if, this happens again, thank you my lord :+1:t6:.

Edit. Done

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Sorry to hear you lost your progress, just remember to close the game by holding down your PS button, and selecting close application.

If you close through the in game menu it will possibly sync with the cloud storage backup.

But hopefully you never need to use it :slightly_smiling_face:

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