Base disapears in offline mode

Why, after all these years, are bases still disapearing in offline mode? Build a base offline on Syptah and it’s gone. These things have been reporter for years and it’s still not fixed. I bought the game for this and I can’t even build a base without it disapearing?! You bring out new stuff instead of making the game work properly?
If I do my job like this I’m out of there very fast! Can I get a refund for this as it is clear they are never getting it fixed?

Hey @Braamstruik

We apologize for any frustration you may find caused by an issue. In order for us to try to investigate and fix it, we would need some help from you by providing us with as much information as possible about this problem. For instance, does your player log inform about any loss of stability or or any other dysfunction that could explain why your buildings disappeared?
We have these recommended guidelines on how to report an issue which you can follow.

Thanks in advance.


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