Base/stuff disappearing

Game mode: [Online | Official server]
Hi, I’m kinda new here so I’m not sure if this was already mentioned but every time I build a base it disappears almost completely the next day… All there was were a few foundations and some walls. This is a really game breaking bug for me.

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thats happening to me as well

That sucks, do you know by chance if this is gonna get fixed soon or something?

Same here but in my case I noticed it’s because the stability on pillars decrease to 20 causing my house to fall over. Also I upgraded the pillars and other building pieces and came back later and all the upgrades were gone.

Everyday when I log in part of my building disappears. It is getting frustrating rebuilding every day!

Are you on a pvp server or pve?

Is there any chance a new clan member has dismantled the base when you log off?

Did you have a base built in the same area before the patch without it vanishing? What is this location?

Are you able to check the decay time of your base with the repair hammer next time to see if the timer is broken. Also check its stability.

Is the event log empty to rule out the purge destroying it?

After the last patch yesterday things started disappearing between logins. Lost 2 large chests, a carpenters table and a blacksmiths forge. My newly created water well is still there though so it has only affected “old” stuff, so far…

I play singleplayer without co-op enabled

Were these craft stations and chests built on the ground or on a foundation?

They were in my house built on sandbrick foundations

Might be unrelated but my insulated wooded structures like walls and ceiling tiles lost their solid state and I was able to walk through them. A quick relog fixed this. My base didn’t need them for it’s stability to stay standing but I wonder if it would have collapsed if they had.
If I’m able to go through them does that also mean another player could have and robbed me?

All this things happened with me… im locked in a wall and all my thralls in a stash simply disappeared, all my bases are “no owner” all what i try build start with “no owner” thats sucks… best part is NO SUPPORT, NO FIX!!! Total waste of time

*I forgot to mention, when I got stuck on the wall, I killed myself and woke up in the desert


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i hope so, i was really enjoying this game. I’ve been wanting to get a game like this for a long time…

have bullt vaults twice now and both disappered lost all content

I’m playing solo on a pve server basically next to new asagarth. I build it before the patch came out and the next day it was gone. It also wasn’t a purge because my event log is empty and all my structures that ‘survived’ there have a decay time of 144 days, also none of them are damaged.

still not fixed. there to buzy making payed dlc’s. if we cant proparly save the game is not a real issue for them it seems. its just a cash grab for them. look for example for how ridicilous the mining in game is. rocks as big as a house crumle like a sand cookie.

Same here. I’m playing solo offline.
3 times game crash. Everytime, when I came back, structure have disappeared : chest, wheel of suffering, even artisan table, and all the thrall/stuff/ressources inside …
Last time, when I came back ingame, I was on a region completely different from where I was initially.

I lost a whole house with all the stuff only my thraals are there and on other houses I lost work stations and other stuf.
Help what the do??