Buildings disapearing around my base?

Game mode: [Online }
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [EU]

Im playing on a PVE server EU 3007 Me and my clan moved to the highlands and started to build a base well as i build other oparts of the base would disapear I just wander if this is a bug or is a player limited to so many building peices

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Connected to base?, Check logs to see what happen, it’ll should say “killed by ???” or “decayed”

or you look away and back and it was missing, or log out that night, and next day it was gone?

Your mostly limited by your Ps4 crashing, XD Or just lag in general once you get to much stuff in one area. I’ve blue screen ps4 plently of times going nutts.
But you can actually get fairly huge bases if you avoid to many torches, cups, tables etc.

I’ve stacked 200+ foundations, (to point you look down, your floating cause they dont load) =3

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Log out and back in and my wheel of pain was one next day i log out and back in my animal pen was gone. Whenever i placed them about 7 blocks away from my base but not connected. Its kinda up setting to see that but i see bases all around that have that stuff and there not connected by any blocks and they have there pens and stuff further then i did.

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