Chunk of base dissapeared after logging in

Game mode: [Online, ps4, pve
Problem: [Bug
Region: [North american 3530

Front half of my base dissapeared.
Ive had issues in the past on that section, once a chest dissapeared containing a map room, and another time the work stations dissapeared ir decayed on log in ( i was able to pick up the loot).

This time the walls and floors on that section is completely gone.

Was going to add a photo but apparently im still a new user:fearful:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.just logged in, thats it
2. I always hear sections breaking at log in

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If I recall correctly I read elsewhere this is due to a stability bug, and I’ve had the same happen. It’s not the same as the bug where structures vanish completely (without breaking). When you build it, it registers as being stable enough to hold up, but when the game reloads, some building pieces apparently do not properly convey stability and thus the now structurally unsound building (partly) collapses. I found what works as a temporary solution until it’s fixed is to build as many foundations and pillars connected to the ground as possible near the collapsing parts, so that it definitely has enough stability. I’m not sure exactly which pieces are the ones that have problems, support beams are one of them

Just lost 90% of main base and about 20 named thralls and thousands if steel fire along with all orbs and steel bars
Left base for 15 min I’m on PvP but it wasn’t PvP hours and nothing in event log